TKMaxx Beauty haul - Jemma Kidd under £10!


Jemma Kidd bargains!

Jemma Kidd Artist Kit Pro Palette
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I found this Jemma Kid Pro Pallette for £7.99... YES ONLY £7.99 when online it retails at around £30.

I've used this twice already and love it, it have everything you need, Contains:
  • Tailor-made colour correctors
  • Lipglosses
  • Eye and lip primer
  • Range of eyeshadows and wet/dry shadowliners
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Creme highlighter
  • Finishing powder

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Jemma Kidd Bio-Mineral Essentials Kit bought for just £4.99, this retails at around £15!!!!

I've used this 3 times and it is just beautiful, the lipstick is a gorgeous peachy nude pink and is a lovely consistency

Jemma Kidd Perfect Tan Bronzing Trio
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Finally I found this Jemma Kidd bronzer sitting at the back of a shelf and of course I had to buy it as well.

I think this bronzer is going to be one of my favorite products as it gives a subtle peachy warmth to your face

This also was £4.99 when it retails at around £15

I've heard that some Jemma Kidd products are being discontinued (does anyone know?) this is so sad as every Jemma Kidd product I've used has been brilliant!

Anyways ladies you should all go down to your local TKmaxx's and see what bargains you can find!:)

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  2. wow that in an unbelievable price you found on that palette! such great colors!



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