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These are my go to day to day hair styling products.  As I have super unmanageable dry hair I need to use them all every day (even my hairdresser finds it hard to blow dry my 

TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystic Collection Haute Iron Spray 200ml is my new favourite heat protecting spray. It sprays like a hairspray and is lightweight.  Usually heat protectors end up making my hair feel damp. This heat protector leaves my hair feeling glossy, however you have to go easy with it as it can make hair look greasy if you use too much which wouldn't be a good look.

Elnett Hairspray Flexible 200ml is my all time favourite hairspray, it gives me the hold but without the crispy hair feel.  Oh and the packaging is uber classy!

L'Oréal Paris Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray 200ml.  I love this product as I have shoulder length hair this gives it a nice tousled look at the ends and adds some volume.

Redken Smooth down heat glide 150ml (name slightly changed since I bought it).  I honestly must have this product over a year and a half and have only used half the bottle. This stuff is great for my unruly hair and has the bonus of being a heat protector as well.

Denman large paddle brush -  Besides my tangle teezer this is my most used hairbrush.

Finally hair clips are a necessity for every girl out there.  I use these to separate my hair when styling, I use them to put up my hair when showering if I don't need to wash my hair and when I want to condition my hair I use these to keep my hair up for a few minutes.

What's your most used hair care products?
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  1. Use sulfate free shampoos and look up the Pro Natural’s hair care system and get everything you can from them. Especially the argan oil for after a shower, that's a heat protectant that doubles as a deep conditioner so it makes hair really strong and healthy. Plus it makes it soft and gets rid of frizz.

    1. Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely be looking that up:)x


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