Nail polish collection...


I store all my nail varnishes in one of my glossyboxes... I'm going to show you all some of my favourite ones...

These are 3 lovely nail polishes I got free in magazines and I love them all, nails inc (no name), Leighton Deny in Viva La Diva & there's no name on the purple Leighton Deny one either:(

These are my most used BarryM nail polishes, from left to right I have - textured glitter in Princess, Plum, Pomegranate, Red Wine & Lychee.

From left to right I have China Glaze High Roller, Essie Bordeaux, Salley Hansen Gilty Pleasure, Revlon topcoat with gold glitter (no name) & an Urban Decay mini polish in woodstock which I love to paint my toenails with for summer.

Collection Lasting Gel Colour - These are the 2 newest polishes I have and have worn the pink one a lot, they are in Raspberry & Watermelon.

Rimmel in Black Cherries - This is probably my all time favourite nail varnish as I'm obsessed with the deep purple colour and it also lasts pretty well.

This is Rimmel Salon Pro in Soul Session & Oh Mr Darcy, I am wearing these at the minute and love them.

Finally from left to right I have Essie's all in one base which is just amazing, next is Seche Vite fast dry top coat, I honestly don't think this helps my varnish last long.  As I have very weak nails I use Sally Hensen Maxium Growth varnish which I try and use a couple of times a week, this really helps nourish my nails. 
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    1. Thanks John, your blog is amazing!...I'm now a follower:)

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    1. Hi Shauna, thanks for reading my blog...of course I'll follow your blog...your Irish and so am I:)


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