New Look Jewellery Haul...


I went into New Look to have my usual wonder around and these caught my eye.  I went to the till (straight and they were all on sale, these three pieces came to £6.50, what a bargain!!! The first is a beautiful statement necklace that I can't wait to wear with a plain t-shirt or a jersey dress.  The second item is a lovely bracelet, usually I'm not into diamanté jewellery but this looks nice and simple.  Finally I caught my eye on this shorter length necklace with the lovely green clusters, again I want to wear this with my more casual/plain clothing items. 

I would urge you all to have a look at New Looks Jewellery as they have a wide range to choose from:)

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  1. Love these necklaces! My fav is the 1st one ;) xx


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