The Body Shop Haul... again

I am 100% a body shop lover.  Not only are their products truly amazing, they don't test on animals, believe in fair trade products, defend human rights, help protect the planet and much more, so who wouldn't want to support all those things!

These are the two shampoos I mainly use. Their banana shampoo (packaging has changed) and their rainforest volumising shampoo.

This beautiful box was a present from my husband, it included the coconut shower gel, mini coconut body butter, mini coconut body scrub, coconut soap and a body puff.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love coconut smells and this stuff is so creamy and just lovely to use. Pictured above is an earth lover unperfumed shower gel that I only seem to be able to purchase online at certain times.  As I have sensitive skin I like to use this some days.  I also bought the almond shower gel and can't wait to start using it.

These are two beautiful scents that I just can't stop using, white musk and vanilla flower. For the price you get a lot of product and the smell does last on me.

Finally I just love this peppermint foot spray, I use it every night and it feels so refreshing on tired feet:)

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  1. Banana shampoo is such a weird concept to me!! (Or maybe it's just because I'm not a fan of bananas! Banana is not exactly an ingredient people use in shampoos, heh)
    Ouuu, I want that coconut set! I'm so in love with that Body Shop scent, I can't believe I still haven't gotten anything from the coconut line yet!

    1. Hehe banana is a funny ingredient but it makes my hair super soft, you definitely need the coconut products!:)


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