Favourite heated hair tools...


When I'm going on a night out I like to have a hairstyle that will stay in place.  When I use my Herstyler baby curls curling iron  it makes the perfect curls which last all night.  I like to curl my hair then run my fingers through it to give a loose curl look.  This brand has curling wands in different sizes and I would highly recommend.  However I have heard that the babyliss curling wand is supposed to be great and is half the price of the herstyler.

I recently got this Tresemme Salon Professional Volume Hair Styler to dry my hair as when I dry my hair with a blow-dryer it makes it really frizzy (also I'm not very good at blow-drying my hair).  This really helps tame my hair and dry's it in no time.  You can also use it to give volume and to make loose curls which is great.

I have had these GHD wide straighteners for probably 7 years now and they are still working brilliantly. I bought a new slim line pair of GHD's last year and they weren't able to straighten my hair as well as these ones so I ended up selling them.  I have shoulder length hair and these are brilliant for creating loose waves which give that messy natural look that I love.

What's your favourite hair tools?
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  1. GHDs are so great. i got some new ones for christmas and i just cannot get over how much better they are than my old straightners! id love it if youd comment back http://amyelizabethfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/catch-ups-apologies-and-week-of.html xx


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