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As you all know now I live on a strict gluten free diet, this doesn't mean I have to eat uber healthy all the time, as I love my treats.  I've recently got back into baking as I've had bad experiences buying buns that said they were gluten free then an hour later I was being sick... hmmm gluten free I don't think so! This has given me the passion to try and make nice cakes and buns that I know are 100% gluten free.  Below are a couple of my recent baking creations.

This victoria sponge recipe is from the Gluten free baking book by Michael McCamley.  I was amazed at how this turned out, lovely and light and it tasted amazing! It looks like this book has sold out and can only be found on ebay now:(

These buns are from the Good housekeeping easy to make wheat free  book.  I love little buns like this especially with this type of icing.  These are the easiest buns I have made as you basically throw all the ingredients into the bowl and blend.

These chocoloate fudge cupcakes are from the Gluten free baking book by Michael McCamley. I'm not the best at doing this type of icing yet and as it was fudge it was even harder to try and shape.  I think I made the fudge too thick so next time I would make the fudge a thinner consistency.  Apart from the dodgy looking top they were delicious! 

My mum picked me up this brownie mix from Asda.  All you have to do is add your eggs butter and water, very easy! They turned out really well and I would definitely buy this again, yummy! 

Have you baked any gluten free treats lately, if so how did they turn out?:)

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  1. This has REALLY helped me as I am awaiting results for Ceoliac Disease! knowing I can have cake etc makes me so happy! :D

    1. Awh thanks for reading this, glad I could help! I also have a gluten free snack blog post and a gluten free recipe book blog post which would help you as well:) After being diagnosed I thought the world was going to end and I was going to have to stop eating everything I love, but if you learn to bake you can make all the things you love and you don't have to deprive yourself from treats. I'm so used to it now that it doesn't bother me at all. If you have any questions about Coeliac feel free to ask me:)x


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