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It has taking me quite some time to master the art of gluten free baking.  Sometimes the final product can be too crumbly/dry, other times it can be too dense and hard.  Finally along with the help of the below books I've been able to make tasty treats.  I would recommend these to any fellow Coeliac's as they are easy to follow .  A bit of advice is that Xanthan Gum is a must have in gluten free baking as it reduces the crumbling.  Also make sure that you buy gluten free baking powder as that was something I didn't even think would have contained gluten.

Gluten free baking book by Michael McCamley

Good housekeeping easy to make wheat free (I make sure everything I use is gluten free not just wheat free)

The next books on my list are the Honeybuns Gluten Free baking & Gluten Free on a shoe-string.  My goal is to be able to make perfect gluten free bagels, croissants & scones!!!

A blog post with images of my baking is coming soon:)

Does anyone know of any other good gluten free cooking/baking books?

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