April empties...


  • Pure Coconut dry shampoo - I really enjoyed this product, I think it's the coconut smell that I loved he most. I bought this in a 'Savers' shop for less the £2.
  • The Body Shop bronzing powder in 01 - This was one of my favourite bronzers and I accidently dropped it and it broke, I can no longer use it as it spills everywhere when I open it:( (pic below)
  • Origins vita-zing tinted moisturiser - I've probably had this for a year and only recently used it all up.  It is too dark for me to wear on it's on but I loved wearing it under makeup.
  • Collection illuminating concealer - I really enjoy using this, I recently bought a new one as it's less than £5 and I think it does a pretty good job for the price.
  • Lush bubblegum lip scrub - I loved this lip scrub especially the yummy bubblegum smell!
  • Urban decay travel size all nighter setting spray, I'll be purchasing the full size version of this (keeping the bottle use when travelling).
  • Mac studio fix fluid - this is too dark for my skin tone but I used this foundation when I wore fake tan. This is the only MAC foundation I've used and really liked it, what's your favourite MAC foundation?  There's some foundation left in the bottle but it doesn't want to come out!lol!
  • Estee lauder double wear foundation in Shell - this is hands down the longest wearing foundation, however my skin has to be super moisturised to use it as it's quite drying on my skin.  At the minute I have dry skin around my nose and this foundation just clings to it.
  • Hand sanitiser in coconut an lime - I find this hand sanitiser in smaller chemists and it's my absolute favourite one as it doesn't leave my hands feeling dry after using plus it smells lovely!
  • Pure face wipes - I picked these up in Primark, they come in a pack of two. They were actually pretty good and were really moist.
Can you tell I like sweet smelling products?lol!

A pic of my poor bronzer... any ideas what I could do with this?

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  1. I wish I could use up this many things in one month! I have too many products on the go at one time!


    1. Hi Jess, I've had some of these products for a while now but finally used them up this week. I'm the same as you and have too many products to use up!:)


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