Superdrug mini haul, again...



I love trying different dry shampoos so decided to go into Superdrug to see what they had. I bought the super volume Superdrug dry shampoo, I think it was around £1.25, it doesn't seem to be on the Superdrug website so it's maybe a new product.  I like using Superdrug own brand products as they aren't tested on animals and they are usually cheaper. 

When I travel some of my products seem to get wet or slightly leak so I wanted to buy a wash bag to put these products in.  I bought this small drawstring wash bag and of course I had to buy this one as it has stars on it!:)

I get really dry skin around my nose area and nothing seems to moisturise it fully. Therefore I'm on the constant hunt for a product that will actually work!  The B. range is still half price so I thought I would have a look and see what they had.  I found this replenishing oil which is aimed at hydrating skin.  Here is a description of it from the Superdrug website:

A powerful antioxidant-rich formulation to help protect and hydrate the skin.

B. Replenished and help calm stressed skin with a burst of moisture and a boost of antioxidants.

  • Helps protect against environmental free radical damage - With a potent blend of Vitamins C & E that helps to boost the skin's antioxidant levels.
  • 12 hour intense hydration - Instantly softens and smoothes with Rosehip, Argan and Crambe seed oil.
  • Non pore-blocking formula.
  • Suitable for all skin types.

  • I have used it twice and it seems to be helping my dry skin, so fingers crossed it will work!:)

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    1. The superdrug dry shampoo is pretty decent - nothing beats Batiste for me though!

      1. Hi Jess, yeah I like the volume batiste dry shampoo:)

    2. I hate the Superdrug dry shampoo, leaves my hair sticky and just doesn't work! x

      1. It's a brand of dry shampoo that I've never tried before, my favourite is usually the Tresemme ones:)


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