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I've recently been noticing that my hair has been dull and not as shiny as it usually is.  I have natural brown hair and will probably have to dye it soon as I've found a couple of white hairs... nooooo!!!... has anyone else started to find grey hairs?

I have had these travel sized Mark Hill products since Christmas and decided to try them out.  I've really enjoyed them and they've left my hair so soft and nourished.  As they are almost finished I was on the look out for other shampoos and conditioners aimed at brunette hair. I was about to buy the John Freida brilliant brunette shampoo set when I went and had a quick look in Semi Chem to see what they had to offer.  I came across this Beautiful Brunette range for £1 each, yes £1 how crazy is that for 250ml! They are also selling this brand at the minute in Poundland.

I've used the Beautiful Brunette shampoo & conditioner a few times now and they've gave me similar results to the Mark Hill products so as you can probably tell I'll be buying the cheaper alternative again. You've got to love a good bargain!:)

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