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~Maybelline Super Stay Gel Nail colour in Rose Poudre 130 - I love nude nail varnishes as when they were off/chip I don't think they look as bad as having a bright chipped colour on your nails. I've had this colour on my nails for a few days now and it's still looking pretty good.

~Maybelline Instant Anti-Age - The Eraser Eye concealer in Light - I've only had this concealer in a darker shade for when I tan so I'm excited to try this on a day to day basis.

~A facial cleansing pad from Primark - I went into Primark for the first time in months to stock up on socks etc and noticed they now have a huge range of beauty related products. I remember having one of these cleansing pads which came attached to a Loreal perfect clean cleanser and loved it (does anyone know if you can still buy those cleansers?)

~To Do inserts for my personal size Filofax - I have got out of the habit using my filofax as I've been meaning to buy inserts for it.  When I was in buying magazines in Eason's the other day I noticed they have various types of inserts for the Filofax and I decided to buy the 'To Do' inserts as I love making short notes of what I need to do and then get the satisfaction of ticking the wee box or scoring it

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