Belated birthday haul...


It was my birthday near the end of June and I'm only getting around to posting this blog now. Apart from the lovely gifts below, my friend took me to Dublin for a day trip.  It was a beautiful sunny day, we done some shopping, had lunch and had the nicest Italian mint chocolate chip ice-cream!  I mainly received money for my birthday so I used some of it in Dublin.

Cream and grey floral scarf

Everyone that knows me well knows that I love kitchen products, so I received this amazing set which includes a mixing bowl, spatula, star cookie cutters and a cookie mixture to make.

Beau Jardin Citrus Grove Manicure Kit

Lush gift voucher was used to buy the below products (previous blog post on this)

Yankee candles

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  1. That kitchen set looks so cute! Happy belated birthday :) x

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Isn't it so cute!:)x


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