Caught in Vampire Diaries mode....


I'm currently on Season 2 episode 16 and I'm 100%!
Netflix has been maintaining this addiction, episode after episode, brilliant!

Is any one else caught in this Vampire Diaries phase?

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  1. I'm such a huge fan, I have been watching it from when it first started and I'm still hooked! Definitely one of the best TV shows ever, trust me it just gets better and better! Who do you like better, Stefan or Damon? :)

    1. Since this morning I'm now on Series 3 episode hooked to it. Stefan or Damon, now that is the hardest question I've been asked.haha! Damon's bad boy attitude (and eye's) along with Stefan's romance with Elena when he's good, I just can't decide. Who's your favourite? Will I have a definite favourite as the series' go on?:)x

    2. Oh wow haha, you are hooked :') Its a difficult one isn't it! Omg don't get me started with Damon haha! That's exactly how I feel but my hearts been with Damon throughout haha! I think your meant to change your mind a lot throughout but I love Damon haha :) you will have to update me on what you think x

    3. I'm on Season 4 there's so any unexpected twists happening! I think Stefan is my preference:)x

    4. Haha! Yeah there's a lot! x


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