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If you are a usual reader of my blogs you'll be aware that I have coeliac disease which means I stick to a gluten free diet.  I have been wanting this honeybuns gluten free cookbook for so long! Therefore I was super excited when I received it as a birthday present!  It has yummy recipes like lemon drizzle cake, hazelnut cupcakes, baked apple muffins and many more.  I love how this book keeps each recipe to one page long which is easy to follow.

The above two books (Home Cooked & Kitchen Hero) are by one of my favourite cooks to watch on youtube, Donal Skehan.  I have went through these books and tabbed all the recipes I like the look/sound of and as you can see there are a lot of yellow and purple tabs!  As I stick to a gluten free diet some of these recipes might not be gluten free but as I've been on this diet for years now I know what I need to substitute to make it a gluten free dish. I can't wait to make dinners like the jerk chicken with mango salsa or the polenta chips with rosemary salt, they sound delicious!

As it's turned to Autumn I love making food in my slow cooker as I can leave it on either overnight or when I go to work.  This is such a good method to get tasty meals that aren't a big hassle to make.  This slow cooker cookbook by Audrey Deane has so many delicious recipes such as spanish chicken and chorizo, sweet & sour chicken or even a dessert recipe for banoffee pudding! 

What's your food inspiration or what are your favourite cook books?
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  2. Oooo, I might have go and read the gluten-free book. My friend and grandma both have coeliac disease. I could bake them some nice things! :) x

    1. It is such a lovely book, I'm sure they would love you to make them a nice treat.... gluten free chocolate brownies are always good!:)x


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