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I love unique/quirky cards to give along with presents, I always find that the 'usual' card shops produce very similar cards and are the place I would go for a last resort.  I was browsing in Marks & Spencers one day and found that they sell cards for all occasions. To me they have the most beautiful range of cards and wrapping paper/gift bags.  It's my niece and nephews birthday soon so I picked up these two lovely cards. They have so many beautiful cards for children that are not only cards but also have games on them like mix and match images or sometimes include posters. There was a really nice girls card that turned into a 3d princess castle, super cute!  They also sell numerous cards that include sticker letters and numbers so you can personalise the name and age.

I would recommend you all to go in and have a look as they have such a good selection. M&S also do a loyatly card for buying cards, after your 6th card you get one free, I was able to get one of these cards free using this.  Prices range from £1 up which is great:)

Does anyone else buy cards in M&S?
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