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Loreal studio line wave creating spray - my hair is naturally wavy so I use this when I know I'm going to curl my hair the next day as it helps keep the curl.  This product also has heat protectant properties which my hair always needs as I have to use heat products every day to control my hair.

John Frieda 3 day straight - this is my all time favourite product for creating that super sleek straight hair look.  I spray it on my damp hair and the next day my hair straightens so quickly and can keeps my hair straight for up to 3 days (with straightners fixing the odd bit) and if my hair doesn't look greasy. 

Vo5 nourish my shine bedazzling heat protector - as I said before I have to use heat stylers every day as I have unruly frizzy wavy hair.  This product has taken place over my old favourite tresemme heat protector as I feel it gives a sleeker look and feel to my hair.

Loreal studio line volume supersizing spray - I cannot live without this product, as I recently opted for shorter hair this product helps me create that messy wave/curl look and gives plenty of volume which lasts all day.  Superdrug recently had this reduced to less than £2 so I stocked up and bought three more... does anyone else see their favourite product on sale and automatically think it's never going to be on sale again!

Fudge urban iced raspberry & vanilla hairspray - I was getting fed up with all the usual hairsprays out there, especially their horrible smell. This doesn't leave my hair cunchy and doen't have nasty smell although I don't think it actually smells of vanilla raspberry either.

I would love to know what your favourite haircare items are?
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