Stila overload...

Just take a minute to look at how beautiful this putting on the glitz collection is...

... this is how it orginally looked but I forgot to take a picture of it before I ripped it open! This picture is from the stila website.

It contains the following 8 colours;
~glamour~gleam~glint~glow~glitter~glimmer~glisten~glory~ and a rose gold headband

This retails at £27.50 and says it has a value of £93 (people are selling it online for double the retail price). Now wait until you hear how much I actually paid for it... £13.50! I was on the Marks & Spencers website on boxing day and couldn't believe the beauty products they sold.  As it was boxing day they also had an amazing sale and most gift sets were half price or less so of course I had to buy this.

I cannot wait to start using these glosses, have you tried Stila lip glazes before?

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  1. Ooh I haven't tried these before but they look really cool. I love the packaging of the set! Very tempted to give these a try :) Thanks for the review xx

  2. Hi, aren't they so lovely! Can't wait to start using them:) ☆Laura☆


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