Beauty shopping list...


1 Lush Bubble gum lip scrub - my lips are continuously dry at the minute and this has always helped in the past. I've been holding off on going to Lush as once I'm there I end up buying too many bath bombs.

2 MAC shy girl lipstick - I have items to 'back to MAC' and I'm thinking about the shy girl lipstick.  Can anyone recommend any other nice nude colours?

3 NUXE lip balm - as I said before my lips are chapped at the minute and I've heard so many good reviews about this. I also read that the La Roche Posay Nutritic Lips is good? 

4 First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads - After reading Caroline Hirons review about these how could I not want them.  

5 Beauty Blender - this is one of those cult products that everyone talks about. My Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge has been keeping my from buying this however I'm on my second one and it is also starting to rip therefore I would like to see if the Beauty Blender lasts longer.

6 Laura Mercier matte radiance baked powder highlight in 01 - I have been wanting this for a while now but when Lorraine Stanick (one of my favourite youtubers) showed it in her recent haul she made me want it even more:)

What's on your beauty shopping list?

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  1. I have the lip scrub because my lips are always dry but I don't use it too much because it is just difficult to use and the after-taste is odd :(
    Love this post!!

    Alice x

  2. That is great shopping list! :) I also have NUXE lip balm on my wishlist. xx S&R

  3. Oh no, I was actually thinking of making my own one with brown sugar and honey. I'll let you know how that! Thanks for reading:)x

  4. Thanks for stopping by and reading:) I also read or watched a youtube review and someone said the blistex lip conditioner in the small tub is good. Might be a cheaper alternative which I might tryx

  5. Oh, tnx for advice, maybe I'll try that one too. In general I'm a big fan of Carmex. :) I think it is the best. But I'm looking for a more natural alternative... xx


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