Disappointing lip products...


~Lipcote - I just don't understand what the hype about this product is, to me it smells like nail polish remover and doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm applying it wrong, can someone please explain how they get it t work?lol
~Revlon colourstay moisture lip stain  - initially I thought this was a great product but after a while the product got really gloopy and didn't apply to my lips very well.
~MUA intense lipgloss - this is a very sheer sparkly colour which isn't my favourite however I will use it up and might try some of the darker shades.
~Rimmel apocalips lip lacquer  - to me this product smells like paint, not appealing at all and after I had it a few weeks it did not apply well.
~Maybelline baby lips in cherry me - this colour gives a slight tint to the lips however I don't like the feel of it, I think it leaves a greasy texture.
~Victoria Secrets sparkle lip gloss - I don't like the packaging on this product as you can't get enough of the product applicator and it is very sheer. I think this has been discontinued.
~Maybelline baby lips in peach kiss - this colour is a peach shimmer but as I said above I just don't like the texture from this range.
~Maybelline baby lips in pink punch - this one probably has the best colour pay off, but doesn't last very long on the lips.
~Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm - I think this product is now discontinued, the packaging is very gimmicky as it comes with a small brush on the top of the lid. I think if they have the brush they should have added a mirror in the lid. The colour is lovely in the packaging but is very sheer on the lips and doesn't moisturise.


Swatches of the products from left to right (I mixed the two baby lips up as I didn't want the two nude colours beside each other).  I am very pale so the colours showed up better on my arm, for the sheer colours I added a few layers.

I love all these brands but just not these particular products. What lip products have disappointed you?
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  1. Oh thank god, there is also someone who don't like Baby lips. I always read all the good reviews. I think this lip product is not even close to what it's supposed to be. Eh, anyway, good post. xx S&R

  2. I know there was so much hype around these hence why I bought 3.lol!...I really don't like them.x

  3. I also tried Maybelline Baby Lips and just couldn't understand what the hype is about, didn't leave any colour on my lips or moisturise them

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  4. Weren't they so disappointing!

  5. Wasn't it just a horrible product, the smell was just yuck.lol!:)


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