I heart my heated rollers...


This includes 20 thermo-ceramic rollers, it has 2 heat settings for different hair types and an on indicator light.

8 large, 6 medium and 6 small rollers

Heat ready indicator dot on one of the large rollers (goes white when ready)

                                 20 metal pins                             10 super clips
                                                                                 I only use these

I use a mixture of the large and medium sized rollers. My hair is quite unruly so I put it onto the highest heat setting.  I keep them in for around 15 minutes and the above pictures show how my hair looks as soon as I remove them.

I like the messy look so I always brush through the curls with my fingers and finish with the Loreal volume supersizing texture spray. I use these nearly every day for work as they are so easy and quick to use. The only downside is they aren't very travel friendly, if I go away I have to take my herstyler wand with me instead.

What's your favourite hair curling tool?
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  1. Is it sad that I haven't curled my hair since last year?? Your hair looks amazing by the way!!
    xx noirbeanie.blogspot.com

  2. Awh thanks for the compliment! I have my hair curly or wavy nearly every day, today I straightened it for the first time in ages:)


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