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Trilogy Botanical Beauties gift set - Whilst trying to buy the Keihls creamy avacado eye cream (waitlisted) from the Debenhams website I noticed they had a lot of amazing skincare on sale. I had been wanting to buy this rosehip face oil for so long as there's been such a hype surrounding it, this past week even Kate Middletown has been named to supposedly use it and it's sold out instantly on the Boots website. Now for the unbelievable part, the price.... for this beautiful gift set which includes a full sized 20ml rosehip oil and a 185ml botanical body wash it was £13.65! Considering the rosehip oil alone to buy full price is around £16.50 I just had to buy it. 

I was even more delighted when it arrived, just look how nice the packaging is. It can be used as a mini storage drawer (I'm already storing eye creams and serums in it).

The body wash is so luxurious and such a bonus product to get. I think this would be an amazing mothers day gift as well however my local debenhams didn't have it in store so get ordering quickly!

I have been using it for a few days and I already want to order another one for a backup.

Has anyone else fallen for this hype, if so what do you think of it?


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1 comment

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