Beauty shopping list #2


1 Keihls creamy avocado eye treatment - I was so excited to order this during the recent Debenhams beauty sale online but I got an email to say my order was cancelled due to it being wait listed:(

2 Pixi glow tonic - every beauty blogger seems to be talking about this, once I've used up my Elemis rehydrating ginseng toner I might order this.

3 Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser - I used to use this religiously but haven't had it in more than year and I just loved how this left my skin feeling.

4 Giorgio Armani Si perfume - I was recently given a spritz of this during my usual walk through Debenhams beauty section and I instanly fell for this smell.

5 Vera Wang lovestruck - I'm currently trying to use up all my fragrances so I can buy this for my day to day fragrance. I find it quite similar to the Marc Jacobs fragrances which I love for spring/summer.

What's on your beauty list?


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  1. Did the Liz Earle Cleanser have any effect on acne? I have seriously wanted to get it, but I have to be careful because some products cause major breakouts!!

  2. I loved Si and I bought it in duty free a few months ago and it got stolen :( need to try this pixi cleanser x

    Tia |

  3. Hi Aimee, I'm not sure how it would work for acne as it has a slight herbal scent to it so might aggravate it:( I only get those wee pumps around my jaw line and it got rid of them for me. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!x

  4. Oh no that's so sad it's such a nice scent. The cheapest I found it for online is £36.50 for 30ml from


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