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Amazing quote from Ellen Degeneres

I was contacted by Aavah from to do a guest post and answer some questions relating to body image for her new section on her blog called Unique Beauty. Below are the questions and my answers:

Blog name and what is it about?
MISSLMAKEUP - My name is Laura and I’ve been addicted to makeup since I was a teenager but now I enjoy blogging about music, lifestyle, health and beauty. If I was to create a new blog I would probably try and think of something more

How confident do you feel with your body?
I do feel confident in my body, the only area I’ve always been less happy with is my stomach but I think a lot of girls are insecure about their stomach.

Do you weigh yourself?
No, I like to go by the way I feel in my clothes.

Do numbers on the scale affect/would affect the way you feel about yourself?
To me yes, that’s why I don’t weigh myself and go by how my clothes feel. I think if you constantly weigh yourself it can bring you down.

How do you deal with ‘bad mirror’ day?
If I’m having one of those days I like to bring my favourite perfume or lipstick with me in my handbag so I can top up throughout the day to make me feel that little bit better. Also music makes me feel better, listening to Lisa Mitchell, George Ezra or Paolo Nutini instantly brightens my day:)

Health and diet routine
I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease about 5 years ago now. I had been sick for most of my childhood and teenage years and when I moved to a new doctors they realised what was wrong with me. As I’ve been on a strict gluten free diet I am very sensitive to gluten now, even if I eat a crumb by accident  I will be violently ill. Being on a gluten free diet is constricting enough but I can still eat certain crisps and chocolate which is my downfall, so recently I’ve been swapping crisps for homemade healthy popcorn.

Tips to be more comfortable in your skin
Being happy with yourself is so important. Recently I had been eating more junk food and and feeling my trousers getting a bit tighter.  Not only were my trousers getting tighter my overall mood wasn’t great. When I get like this I know things have to change, I arranged to go for a long walk twice a week with a friend. Not only is this exercise, it’s ‘me’ time where I can catch up with a friend.

Who do you stalk online for health, diet, fitness, lifestyle inspiration?
Sarah Wilson has great healthy recipes (her I quit sugar for life book is amazing), for fitness at home I watch blogilates on youtube and instagram/pinterest is great for inspiration.

Best ever recipe (doesn’t have to be 0 calorie!)
If you are obsessed with popcorn like me healthy popcorn is what you need in your life. I have my personal favourite recipe on my blog:

Comfort food
Gluten free pizza, yum!

Best place to shop
For healthy snacks find a local health food shop, for fashion I love ASOS and beauty I am always in Superdrug and Boots.

Any style and fashion tips?
I’ve realised now as I’ve got older that staple buys are better instead of a lot of different pieces.

How often do you exercise and how?
My main form of exercise is walking and once a week I follow a blogilates video on youtube.

How often do you have cheat meals?
Once through the week we have a quick easy meal which is usually an oven dinner. As I’m coeliac I am very dubious about eating out as before  I’ve been given gluten and end up sick so I make I enjoy making fresh meals at home. I also make a lot of gluten!

What do you think about diets?
I don’t think anyone should deprive themselves so just try and be sensible with your meal choices.

Worst diet you have ever tried?
I’ve never tried a diet, just swapped ‘bad’ choices for healthier options.

Inspirational quote
I don’t have a quote as such but I feel negativity plays a big part in life, so if you see the glass half full fill it the rest of the way.

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