Morning & night facial cleansing...


Morning time

~Elemis replenishing rose petal cleanser - I use this in the mornings as I am usually too sleepy/lazy to carry out a full face wash routine. As the name suggests it has a beautiful rose scent which is not overpowering and it really does replenish my skin. I've had this for around eight months and I'm only half way through it. 
~Garnier Micellar water - I use this if I'm in a hurry as this is so quick to use. I also use it for cleaning excess makeup of my hand. If I need to do a quick clean of any eye makeup brush I might need I use this by putting it onto a cotton pad and swish the brush on it. I think it is actually quite good at cleaning them as it doesn't leave them too wet. 

Night time 

~Simple cleansing wipes - my first step to remove my makeup, these are probably my favourite wipes but I recently bought the I love grapefruit cleansing wipes and I've really enjoyed them.
~Botanics all bright eye makeup remover - my second step is to remove my eye makeup as makeup wipes never remove it properly and I don't like to rub and tug at my eyes. I always were waterproof mascara as the wind usually makes my eyes water so I like to use oil based removers. This botanics used to me my all time favourite at removing my eye makeup but since the rebranding the formula has changed and it is no where near as good, so disappointed! 
~Nivea essentials double effect eye makeup remover - since the botanics is fallen out of my staple products I have been trying other oil based highstreet options. This Nivea one actually works better than the botanics but it still isn't a favourite. Can anyone recommend a good one? I'm actually tempted to buy a high end one.
~Time delay cleansing oil - I bought this when it was half price, it actually works pretty well. It removes my makeup in a few swipes and feels nourishing.
~Simple age resisting facial wash - I use this face wash along with the Primark pink facial cleansing pad - these are £1.50 and are the best thing I think I have ever used, they are actually really good to wash makeup brushes with. I like to use this face wash after my cleansing oils to get rid of every last bit of makeup and it works great on my sensitive skin. 

To use the eyemakeup remover, cleansers and micellar water I currently use the boots cotton pads. However I am on the look out for really good cotton pads, can anyone suggest where to get nice double sided gentle cotton pads? I once tried the superdrug ones and they were not gentle and really irritated my skin.
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  1. Garnier Micelar Water is my favourite!

    Great post! :)

    Nikoleta xoxo.

  2. Isn't it brilliant and for the price!:)


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