My jewellery tree pieces...

I bought this lovely jewellery tree from boots.

I think the top one is from New Look and the bottom two are from Urban Outfitters

Top one is from Forever 21, next one is H&M and bottom is New Look

I think the top one is from H&M, next one is New Look and bottom is actually a hairband I got with a Stila lipgloss set which I like wearing as a necklace

Top two are from Forever 21 and bottom one is Topshop

Top two are from Topshop and bottom two are from New Look

This is a vintage piece from a great Aunt

What's your favourite jewellery items?


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  1. Love the hexagon necklace! You have a great collection <3

  2. Isn't it lovely, it was probably one of the cheapest pieces but one of my favourites:)


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