Collated empties...


  • Boots cotton pads - already repurchased
  • Mitchum deodarant - I've now swiched to an organic deodarant 
  • The body shop earth lovers unfragranced shower gel - this was my favourite shower gel and it's been discontinued:(
  • Garnier micellar cleansing water - already repurchased
  • The body shop passion fruit shower gel - I really like the body shop shower gels but I hate the packaging, it's so hard to get the product out. I wish they were sold in the same packaging as the earth lovers one.
  • The body shop blueberry shower gel 
  • dead sea mineral bath salts - I like to use these when my skin is acting up as I feel it calms my skin.
  • Zara peony roller perfume - the Zara perfumes are really cheap and the scents last pretty well, I always get compliments wearing them.
  • Beautiful brunette shampoo - not sure if I would repurchase this as it's not moisturising enough for my type of hair.
  • Loreal lumi foundation - I wont be repurchasing this, it didn't give the coverage I like and clings to dry patches.
  • Benefit creasless shadow - I wont be repurchasing this, it's probably two years old so definitely needs thrown out, plus it dried up months ago. I see that benefit have relaunched this with different packaging so those ones might be better but I'm happy enough with the maybelline tattoo colour shades.
  • Catrice eyebrow filler - this was less than 3 euro, I liked the wand on it but the brown shade didn't really suit my eyebrow colour.
  • Collection lasting perfection concealer in light - already repurchased.
  • Maybelline brow drama in medium brown - already repurchased.

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  1. I am on the lookout for a new rollerball perfume to chuck in the bag, I might have to check out the Zara ones !

  2. You definitely should, I think they are all below £5:)


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