London is calling...

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In mid April I am going to London for a few days with a friend, our intention is to take in as much of London as possible. I've been three times now and there's still plenty of things to do and see.

These are the things we would plan to do:
~Try a few smoothie bars
~Try different coffee shops as we love out tea/coffee:)
~Eat as much nice food as possible - London seems to have more variety for gluten free so I'm excited for that. Does anyone have suggestions for nice places for lunch or have high tea?
~Have a few cocktails - any suggestions where?
~We have booked Billy Elliott which we are super excited for!
~Go back to the hummingbird cafe for their amazing gluten free cupcakes!
~Finally of course... shop!:)

Let me know where you're favourite places to go in London are?


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