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NUXE prodigieuse multi use dry oil - this looks and feels like a really luxurious product. It has a lovely more mature scent. It's mineral oil free, silicon free, no preservatives, contains vitamin e- sweet almond - macadamia - hazelnut and a few more brilliant ingredients that targets dry skin/hair. Although you can use this on your face I like using it on my body and hair as I find it doesn't sink into my face as well.   The only downside of this product is the bottle, I wish it came with a pump as you have to shake it to get the product out which can take some time. 

Trilogy rosehip oil - I am in love with this product, I've only got a little bit left so I am thinking of repurchasing it in the bigger bottle. Rosehip oil has natural qualities that aims to repair the skin.  I noticed results instantly with this product, it sinks into my skin and isn't greasy.

Superdrug Vitamin E skin oil - I probably bought this at the end of last year and I can't seem to find it on the superdrug website. For a cheaper oil  (under £5) it is a great one to mix in with body cream for that extra bit of moisture.

The body shop vitamin E face oil - I've used this so much that the wrapping has wore off it, I alternate between this and the rosehip oil. I think mine is an older one as I can't remember it being called the 'overnight serum-in-oil'? I love the body shop skincare, so I will have to investigate if they have other skin oils.

Do you use any face oils?


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  1. I've been using the Josie Maran oil and it's fab, it smells lovely and really cleanses the skin well.

    Sarah x

  2. Oh I must have a look at that, thanks!:)


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