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  • Cotton pads - what would our lives be like without these little soft circles of I'm constantly buying cotton pads to try and find the best. I'm currently using these lidl ones which are under £1... they are okay but I think I prefer the larger cotton pads.
  • This blending brush is from Marks and Spencers about 4 years ago and I use it daily as it so so fluffy and great for blending eyeshadow in the crease. I need to go back and see if they still do this makeup brush range as I would love another one:)
  • Collection waterproof eye liner pen - I have this in every colour and they last great on me.
  • Maybelline illuminating concealer - best price for this is on save on makeup. I also love the collection version of this product so I go between the both.
  • Maybelline 24 hr color tattoo cream eyeshadows - I have nearly every colour of these, having these have staved my craving for the MAC paint pots, honestly don't know if I would even need them when I have these. Does anyone have both?
  • The Body Shop honeymania lip balm - this is probably my favourite body shop lip balm.
  • Bourjois healthy mix foundation - I always have this product as it is one of my top drugstore foundations.
  • Original source mint and tea tree shower gel - this is such a refreshing shower product to use, it leaves my skin feeling cleansed. 
  • Superdrug cotton buds - these ones have both the pointed and rounded ends. Boots do a version of these as well.
  • Simple age regenerist face wash - I usually have a backup of this product as it's gental but removes all the extra makeup the micellar water doesn't.
  • Superdrug face masks - they do a great range of face masks - moisturising, mud and peeling ones. When I've run out of my body shop clay mask I would use these.
  • Sanex hypoallergenic fragrance free shower gel - I use this as bubble bath as well, I don't see any point in buy bubble bath and shower gels.
  • Vo5 nourish my shine heat protectant - this is my favourite heat protectant as it gives my hair a glossy feel and shine.
  • Boots own cuitcle oil - cuticle oil is a necessity in my beauty regime as I have brittle nails and dry cuticles, it really does make a difference to my nails I just need to remember to use it.
  • Super drug own spot treatment gel, this is the only spot treatment that dramatically reduces my spots overnight.


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