Quenching your cuticles...


If you are anything like me cuticles are the last thing you think about in the beauty regime, therefor I have really bad nails and dry cuticles. I  have promised myself to put this to the top of my beauty priorities as my nails aren't growing as well as they used to.

Firstly is the Burts Bees lemon butter cuticle cream (£5.99).  As the name suggests this is a lovely thick cream consistency, it is a very concentrated product so only a little dab is needed each time. 

Next is the Boots own cuticle oil which has a rose scent. This is the very first cuticle oil I purchased and it is great, it sinks in really quickly and isn't too greasy. However I'm not sure how old it is as I can't seem to find it on the boots website and the only boots own cuticle oil is nearly £7, when I bought this it was no more than £5.

Finally I was gifted from a friend this lovely Beau Jardin citrus grove cuticle oil which came in a get set with a nail file and hand cream (£14 for the set). I feel this is what the Burt's Bees cuticle cream would be like in a oil version, it has that lovely citrus smell. This is a tad greasier than the boots one but it is an oil after all so I don't mind.

What do you use on your cuticles?

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  1. I love burts bee's products!

    Rachel Coco

  2. Aren't they lovely, they always smell so good!:)


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