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Swarovski cube earrings form ASOS (yes a picture of my ear is I just love how one minute they are clear then when refraction happens they turn to the beautiful rainbow colours.

Smoothie cup (Home Bargains) - I am quite clumsy so any drinks cup with with a lid is on my radar. I usually stay clear from fizzy drinks but the slighlty warmer weather is making me crave them with ice. I bought two of these an use the other one to keep on my bedside cabinet as I reach for water as soon as I wake up.

Travel bags (TK Maxx) - these were a great bargain, I think I paid less than £15 for the two of them. I need to start travelling more so I can use them:)

This one can hang up in the bathroom and has detachable sections which is very handy.


Gluten free Ice Cream Cones - I haven't ate this kind of ice cream in probably 6 years since I found out I was Coeliac so when I spotted these in my local supermarket I just had to try them. They taste amazing and are gluten free, wheat free & vegan!

Method hand wash - I buy no other hand wash now as these do a great job and are eco friendly, yay! Here's my post about being an eco warrior:)

Unisex converse - I love how these aren't the usual material version of converse as hopefully it means they will last me a long time!

And of course there can't be a favourites post without mentioning music, these are just a few of my favourites from the past month.

The Staves +The Staves - Teeth White

Soak - Blud -  I seen Soak when she supported George Ezra and fell for her sound immediately.

Skylar Kergil - Tell me a story +skylarkeleven - I recently bought the 'Tell Me A Story' album and have been playing it almost daily, his lyrics are so heartfelt and meaningful.

The Cadbury Sisters +The Cadbury Sisters - Drifting

Alt J - Every Other Freckle 

I would love to know what your favourites have been:)


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