Me time - Jewellery making


When I feel I need some me time I love shutting myself away in a room, getting all my jewellery making pieces out, put on Netflix or youtube and get my creative thinking cap on.

These are the most recent pieces I've made: four bracelets and one necklace

At the minute I like using different chains and mixing them with beautiful gems, stones and beads.

I love these type of stones that give a different colour depending on the way the light hits it.

I found these blue stones in a closing down sale in a bead shop and quickly snapped them up as they gorgeous, they almost have a marbled effect to them, blue mixed with white and pink.

This lovely black stone also has a marbled effect, black mixed with grey.

This is almost like an art deco style bead which is really different. 

I wear this one almost daily as it goes with everything.

Do you have a craft that you enjoy?


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  1. I love your jewellery. It is all so pretty. :)


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