Toddler Christmas gifts

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Imaginext castle.  My son loves opening/closing doors, hiding behind things and doing peek a boo so when we saw this it was perfect, it should keep him entertained.

Star wars Mr potato head. I found this potato head in Home Bargains for under £6, it was the last one on the shelf and I couldn't resist it.  He's played with one before and he loved it so can't wait to see his reaction.

Puzzle. My son currently has a couple of puzzles which he knows how to complete so I thought another little puzzle would be good to help with his fine motor development.

Play foodWell some people would class this as a product aimed towards girls and for some reason it's in pink packaging to try and reaffirm this theory, however my son loves pretend play and I think he will get hours of fun from this play food set.

Shopping basketOf course I had to get this, how cute will a toddler with a miniature shopping basket be!?!

Magnetic Doodle Board.  All children seem to love these type of drawing boards, this one was only £2.99 from Home Bargains, such a great deal.

Play-Doh. My son has recently started to sit for longer periods of time and he enjoys playing with play-doh, so this will be a great little stocking filler.

Smyths classic brush setMy son loves helping me tidy up so this will be perfect for him to 'help' me around the house.

Magformers.  At the minute my son tries to get every magnet off the fridge, especially my magnets that open my magnetic child safety units on my kitchen doors.  Hopefully he'll be more interested in these.

Figures. These were only £3.99 in Home Bargains and I thought they would be a great stocking filler.

Bing House.  Confession here, this Bing house was supposed to be for Christmas, but one rainy day I surprised him with it.  

I've just ordered a few flip and flap books to add to his Christmas gifts and I think this will be enough as he will also be getting presents from relatives.
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