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I noticed on my bloglovin account that I've recently gained lots of new followers.  Sorry for the lack of new blog posts, I'm currently on maternity leave with my second child so as you can imagine I've been kept busy elsewhere. 

I keep my instagram and Twitter up to date so head over there if you are on those.  

Hope you are all keeping safe.


Budget tips on a gluten free lifestyle

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Once you've been on a gluten free diet for a while you'll realise you don't have to eat everything from the free from range in the dedicated aisles of the supermarkets. Not only are they quite expensive options but they aren't always the healthiest of choices.

I plan meals including fresh meat/veg first, then if I need a quick and easy option night I'll have a look in the frozen free from section. The main thing I get from it is gf chicken nuggets. Not only for me but I then share these with my son so we aren't buying doubles of things. 

I incorporate quite a few vegetarian meals into my diet as my stomach doesn't seem to agree with too much meat.  Not only is this a good option for my stomach but it's also a money saving tip. I make bean burgers all the time and they cost roughly £1 which makes 4-6 depending on the size.

Eating leftovers for lunch is a big thing I do maybe 2 - 3 times a week, left over Thai green curry, stir fry are delicious the next day!  Cheese and gf crackers is my go to lunch if I'm in a rush. 

We were previously in a routine of going out every Saturday morning for a coffee and snacks which would be at least £20 each time.  I've now started getting an online delivery every Friday as then the fridge and cupboards are stocked with any snacks for over the weekend to try and stop the urge of expensive gf buns etc. 

We also invested in a milk frother and honestly I think it tastes better making the cappuccino & lattes at home! We now don't have the same cravings for coffee as we enjoy it at home better & in our travel cups on the go.

5 tips when being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease

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I remember the first night when I was diagnosed, I made a stir fry.  Only when I sat down I then realised that soy sauce was not gluten free.  I remember that feeling of thinking how am I ever going to eat anything again.  Now 11 years on I physically couldn't eat something I knew wasn't gluten free as my mind is telling me how awful the gluten makes me feel & what damage it actually does to your body having Coeliac Disease.  These are some of my tips to get you started on a gluten free lifestyle.

  1. Make a list of all gluten items and keep a note of these in your phone so that when you are shopping or eating out you can check what contains gluten.
  2. Dedicate a section in your kitchen cupboard to your own food and snacks to make it clearer what you can eat.  At the start this would be good so you don't have to keep checking if it's something you can eat or not. Also be careful of cross-contamination in the kitchen.
  3. When heading out always bring snacks with you, just in case you are somewhere that doesn't sell gluten free options.
  4. When eating out always ask waiters to double check with the chef, you aren't being fussy you have an illness.
  5. Stay positive, eating gluten free doesn't mean food and snacks can't be exciting!  You will get to the stage where I am now, 11 years on where I actually don't miss food I was previously able to eat or feel left out when eating out.

Gluten free on a budget - crepes

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Ingredients price per portion

Gluten free flour (1 cup)
1 Egg 
Linwoods flaxseed (1 tablespoon)
Agave nectar (1 tablespoon)

Makes 6 crepes = 97p

I mix all these ingredients together and add the milk until I get the consistency I like. Add a little bit of butter to the pan or coconut oil to  prevent the crepe sticking to the pan.


Gluten free on a budget - Veggie Burgers

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Ingredients price per portion

1 400g Tin of Kidney beans 30p
1 325g Tin of Sweetcorn 50p (frozen might even be cheaper)
1 tablespoon Oregano roughly 10p
Ground black corn pepper roughly 10p
1 table spoon Gluten free Worcester sauce roughly 10p
Gluten free flour roughly 20p (I don't measure this out, add until right consistency)
Preferred cooking oil roughly 10p

Makes 8 burgers = £1.40

I add the kidney beans (drained), sweetcorn (drained) oregano, pepper, worcester sauce & pepper to a food processor and blend.  I then add flour until I get the consistency I like, not to sticky and can be lifted and moulded into burger shapes easily.

Once ready I heat a little oil in a frying pan and start to cook them. I like to brown them off in the pan and finish them in the oven to cook evenly through the middle. 

I only cook 4 at a time and freeze the other 4 which saves time for another meal.  These are great in burger buns or even cut up into wraps.


Gluten free vegetarian lasagne recipe

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gluten free lasagne sheets
Courgettes x 2
tinned tomatoes x 2
large tomatoes x 4
gluten free Worcester sauce
veg stock cube x 2

Von chef food processor

Step 1 
prep all veg
slice courgettes, tomatoes
grate carrots, broccoli & cheese
(How did I ever manage without my food processor! It creates the perfect slices instantly)

Step 2

In a pan put the tinned tomatoes, carrots & broccoli
add 2 teaspoons cumin
2 teaspoons garlic
2 teaspoons oregano
2 stock cubes & some boiled water
tablespoon Worcester sauce
pepper & salt to your own taste
let it simmer
(I always taste this as it simmers and add more of these ingredients if needed)

Step 3

In a pot add milk & let it simmer
Once heated slowly add the grated cheese and mix
Once cheese is fully blended add a teaspoon of cornflour at a time until it's a thicker consistency

Step 4

Layer with the courgette, tomato slices, lasagna sheets, tomato & carrot mixture & cheese sauce

Step 5

cook in 180 degrees celsius for 40 minutes 
keep checking & test with knife to see if lasagna has cooked through

This is a firm favourite in our house now & as I batch cook it I have lots of portions in my freezer ready for lunches or dinners.  
Not only is it delicious it's a really good budget meal idea to stretch out that weekly shopping bill! 


Father Christmas toys for my 2 year old

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