May Wishlist

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Barry M lash primer - As I've recently went cruelty free with beauty products I'm on the look out for a new eyelash primer and I've been so surprised at the quality of Barry M products, they are 100% cruelty free and so affordable.

Lily Lolo cheek duo - Since going cruelty free I've been researching new brands and there's so many organic/natural companies. Lily Lolo is definitely on my wishlist, about the company:

Our products are made using only ingredients that are proven to nourish and protect the skin. That means you'll never, ever find harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, synthetic perfumes, dyes and anything else that isn't kind to you and your skin. Plus we're proud to be certified cruelty free, too.'

Dunelm Gobi 4 Seat Cube Set - this looks like the perfect sized outdoor furniture.

Dining set - I've been lusting after a new dining set for years now and still can't make up my mind.

New bedding - I'm all about white bedding at the minute and this set from Dunelm looks beautiful.

Ercol Daybed - I already own an Ercol Daybed but need to get it refurbished, thinking of a grey shade.


Cruelty free makeup purchases

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Barry M that's how I roll waterproof mascara - I am loving this mascara, the packaging is really good quality, super cute design and actually gives my eyelashes volume and length. 

Barry M Glowmance primer - today I never applied any makeup but just used a bit of this and it states it 'Smoothing fine lines and imperfections, Glowmance creates a soft focus effect for a beautifully even complexion' and I actually think it has smoothed my skin and given it a lovely glowy finish.

GOSH x-ceptional wear foundation in porcelain - I am pleasantly surprised by this foundation, usually I am really picky when it comes to foundations but going cruelty free has given me the opportunity to explore. I love the coverage and finish this gives so I think I will be repurchasing this.

GOSH cream eyeshadows  - silver rose 1, beige 2 & light copper 3 - I needed to replace my maybelline colour tattoo obsession (as not cruelty free) and these are my perfect substitution, really easy to blend and beautiful colour range.

The Balm 'timebalm' concealer in light - I've always been looking for that perfect concealer to hide my dark circles and I think I might have found it. This is nice and creamy and doesn't crease on me. However I bought shade light but will repurchase it in the light light shade next time.

Barry M brow wow eyebrow pencil med/dark - this is now my favourite eyebrow product, the brush at the end is actually better than a specific eyebrow brush I bought.

Barry M on point liquid eyeliner - I've always loved a felt tip eyeliner and is by far the best one I've used, super fine tip to give a precise finish. 

Barry M matte me up liquid lip - minimalist - this has such a great colour pay off and true to colour.


Recent Superdrug buys

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I've always loved Superdrug own branded products as they are cruelty free and so affordable.

All the below I ordered online:

The 5 items I purchased in store

I received this bag with my online delivery as I spent a certain amount on beauty.


Decluttering my makeup

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I've recently had a light bulb moment... firstly why have I been so careless with my money and secondly I've been buying products from brands that still test on animals. Therefore I've went through all my makeup and have once and for all decluttered properly!

Most of these were probably at the end of their expiry date so I just decided to get rid of them.  In this pile of makeup I think only 1 little wet'n'wild liquid eyeliner is actually cruelty free, isn't it crazy that all these brands aren't cruelty free (please correct me if I'm wrong as it's actually hard to find if a brand is cruelty free)? 

(I decanted all the products so I can put them into recycling)

  • Loreal - true match highlighter, brow artist plumper, double extension mascara, Eva's nude lipstick.
  • Rimmel -lasting finish concealer, wake me up concealer x 2, match perfection concealer,30 kate/180 vintage pink lipsticks, 2 black cherries/berries & cream nail varnishes & clean finish foundation.
  • Maybelline - dream flawless foundation, age rewind concealer, permanent taupe/ metallic pomegranate/pink gold/fantasy/creamy beige colour tattoos, tantalising taupe/rose redefined/nudeflush lip products, couture grey & gel top coat nail varnishes, 3 dream bouncy blushers.
  • Max Factor - coffee cream eyeshadow, star dust pink lipstick, pink'ed & snow white nail varnishes.
  • Bourjois - cc cream, happy light concealer, rice illuminating face powder, nude-ist/peach club/red my lips lipstains
  • Collection - 2 concealers, 7 liquid pen eyeliners (blue, black, purple & brown)
  • Wet'n'wild - brown liquid eyeliner
  • Estee Lauder - double stay black eyeliner
  • Clarins - candy lipgloss
  • Ciate - wait until dark nail varnish
  • Revlon - colour stay lip balms romantic/cherish/flirtatious, pink pout lipstick, photoready concealer & slipper nail varnish
  • No7 - sultry eye shadow palette
  • Seventeen - beehive lipstick
  • Nails Inc - colville mews nail varnish
  • Benefit - benetint lip balm, lemon aid & porefessional
  • Jemma Kid - rose travel set
  • Urban Decay - shine on nail varnish
  • Leighton Denny - purple nail varnish 20


Going cruelty free

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Unfortunately animal testing is still taking place, until now I never truly realised the mass of brands that still take part in animal testing.  Millions of defenceless animals are being tested on so we can wear cosmetics.  I'm actually really surprised that a lot more beauty bloggers don't use their platform to highlight this issue.  However I'm glad to see that there are great bloggers and youtubers out there that do cover this problem, Laura from 'Laura's views', Gemma from 'Hello Gemma', Kiera Rose & Niomi Smart all promote a cruelty free lifestyle which is so positive to see.

I've been going through all my beauty and I'm shocked by how much of it is huge brands that are not cruelty free. Going cruelty free is a process which has saddened me,  all these years I've just bought things without thinking about how it's been made.  From now on I will be researching products before I purchase them.

For more information regarding cruelty free visit the Cruelty Free International website. 

Cruelty Free International


Blog rebranding

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It's been a while since I've created a post, mum life and part-time working has taken priority recently.  I've been wanting to rename my blog for a few years now as 'misslmakeup' was an early 20's name choice.  As many of you are aware it's a very hard process to find a blog name that you truly love.  As my blog isn't just about beauty anymore I feel that 'Laura's Ways' covers everything.

Thankfully I have a husband that is techie and was able to help me with name change and url buying process.


A little rant

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Okay maybe a big rant. Things today that have really frustrated me: 

  1. I'm selling a few things on ebay and one item didn't sell so a person emailed to ask if they could buy it as they missed the deadline. I of course replied and said yes no problem I could do it buy it now but just add the 50p to the overall price as it charges you that for listing buy it now. They replied to say 'I was wanting to pay less than the price you had it on for' then gave me a price they wanted to pay including postage. Is it just me or is that just unbelievable that some would have the audacity to ask that? I then replied saying sorry I'll relist it with the price I had wanted. They then email again to say my postage is too expensive even though it's the exact amount I pay every time I post something that size! I now don't want this person to even bid on my item so I think I will give it to a charity shop instead. Who are these people thinking they can demand things.
  2. Till staff who have no personality whatsoever! Every time I go into this one shop it's the same person on the till and she always acts like it's a burden when I arrive at the till... a smile would even do.
  3. People who drive around with their windows down and awful music blaring, am I just getting old? Then again I've never seen the point in this! So today a young girl pulls up outside my house to pick up a guy she must be seeing in my neighbourhood. Windows down with horrendous techno music playing, she was lucky he quickly got into the car and drove off as I had just gotten my baby to sleep after a very upset teething pain episode. I was about to blow a fuse, I got my hair and flung it back in a messy bun sort of thing and was so close to the door.haha
  4. First baby photo shoot pictures where the baby is either naked or half naked. Why oh why does your baby have to be naked and squished up into a ball with something ridiculous on his/her head or laying in a random flower pot/basket or in another item that was just laying around. Just take normal fully clothed photos of your baby in positions that they are naturally in! Another photo rant, I really don't understand engagement photos or maternity photos, just a no for me.
  5. Vegan/Veggie meal options - why are they so many delicious looking items in shops that are vegan/vegetarian? It baffles me that there are more options for this rather than gluten free options for people who have Coeliac Disease. I really do understand why people choose to eat like that I'm just really jealous and probably a tad annoyed that I have to eat gluten free and don't have as much choice. I actually do eat a lot of veggie options so I would love all those amazing options to also be gluten free!
I think that is enough of a rant for one day, writing this all down has actually made me feel a lot better. Now time for coffee!

Please let me know if anything has annoyed you today, love reading a good moan.


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