The Body Shop haul

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I couldn't resist the recent body shop 50% off emails I was getting any longer, so I finally gave in and placed an online order.  The body shop has a brilliant delivery service, I received it within 2 days of ordering.

I'm obsessed with the Earth Lovers range however they only sell it when they are doing their 50% off sale, this means I buy 6 of everything at a time.  I especially love the unfragranced shower gel as I have sensitive skin.  I've tried so many unfragranced shower gels but this is the only one that lathers up well!  

I've been on the look out for shampoo's that haven't got as many 'bad' ingredients in them, of course the body shop is great for this.  I purchased the Rainforest Volumsing Shampoo and the Banana Shampoo.  I have quite fine hair to wanted something to give my hair all the nourishment and volume it needs without weighing it down.  I've only been using the volumising shampoo for the past week and I already love it!  I can't wait to try the banana shampoo either!!

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My current Jewellery/Makeup storage

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My current storage items

I currently use a desk as my dressing table as I haven't found a dressing table I really like yet.  I actually quite like it as it has a really good cabinet attached to it which is brilliant storage:)  

This is where I store the makeup that I'm currently using.(it's quite messy and my makeup brushes need  I pretty much get all my storage items from TK-Maxx.  The crackled glass jar which I keep my brushes in is from Tk-Maxx, so is the storage box with 'Paris' wrote on it and so is the 'mister, mascara' clear storage unit.  Below the mister mascara storage is a benefit gift box I received at Christmas, I keep all my sample products in this as it's a small box. I try and 'shop my stash' each month and change what I keep in the mister mascara storage with my other products.

This is inside my desk cabinet, as you can see it's got lots in it, makeup wipes, makeup remover, etc.  The purple and white containers are also from WHsmith and are great for lipsticks and lipglosses (this is what I currently keep in them).

This is in the drawer of my desk which I have divided up using to wee storage boxes (white one from Ikea, grey one from the pound shop).  Some products in my drawer are:
- The Simple Age Resisting day and night creams
- Estee Lauder blush in wild sunset shimmer
- Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray
- The Body Shop bronzing powder in 01
- Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52

Above is what I keep under my desk.  This is a storage unit I got from WHSmiths.  I keep all my extra/duplicate products in.  Above it is a makeup gift set box I received years ago, I took all the plastic trays (with that cheap makeup in it that you wore as a out and it is now a really good place to keep all my eye shadows and eyeliners in.

This is a bead tray which I keep all of my small stud earrings in (along with the odd ring or I completed a jewellery making course last year and used up all the beads that were in this tray, instead of throwing it out I decided to try it out as a earring holder and it works great!!!  So easy to find the pair of studs you want!!:)

This is my necklace stand which I got from Boots in the New Year sales.  I love it as it has a bit at the bottom where I can place my watches and smaller pieces of jewellery.  Beside my necklace stand I have my mirrored jewellery box where I keep my bigger earrings and rings. Alongside this is my yellow coloured glass bowl where I keep all my chucky bracelets.

If you you see anything you like, just ask and I'll let you know where it's from:)


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