New beauty storage

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Ikea ransby dressing table - I am not a very fussy girl and for the past 3 years I was using a basic computer desk as 'dressing table'. It done me well but I finally got around to buying this.

Top left drawer - wipes, samples, hair ties & tissues (using birchbox box to seperate).

Top right drawer - brushes, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, lip crayons and eye shadow crayons (using birchbox boxes to seperate).

Bottom left drawer - single eyeshadows, bigger brushes, blushers, bronzers & foundations (I found all these grey containers in poundland and they are great).

Bottom right drawer - cotton buds, miscellaneous skincare eg eye creams, micellar water, eye remover etc (using birchbox boxes, stationery holder and poundland boxes to seperate).

Clear organiser (from home bargains) on top of dressing table - I use this to hold my most used daily products.

This is the middle section that lifts up on the top - I use this to store my palettes, lip butters, maybelline 24 hour colour tattoos and a few other miscellaneous items. 

Overall I am very pleased with this table as I thought I was going to loose a lot of space but I've found that this stores everything I have and I don't intend to buy more things this year but to use up as mush as I can.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, it's so hard to get good lighting at this time of year.

How do you store all your beauty products?



Blackhead removal

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(image from google, I recycled the box)

I've constantly been raving about the superdrug own brand deep action pore cleansing nose strips, however I might just have found my new favourite with these Biore deep cleansing charcoal pore strips.

I bought these when they were on offer, I think it was either buy one get one free or they were half price.

I feel these really do shrink your pores although I do use a the Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic after I've taken this off but compared to the superdrug ones they make more of a difference. I'm one of those people who feels extremely satisfied when looking at the strip once removed... I just love seeing all that dirt being removed from your skin and with these strips I notice more on them!

The Superdrug ones are £2.64 for 4 strips and the Biore ones are £8.99 for 6 strips, I will definetly be stocking up on these again if they go on offer.

What nose strips do you use?



Collated empties #8

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  • Cussons carex pure & free from shower gel - I would repurchase this again as it is fragrance & paraben free.
  • Cien nail polish remover (from lidl) - I will not repurchase this as I wasn't keen on the packaging.
  • Botanics all bright face scrub - I would repurchase this, it leaves skin feeling smooth.
  • Rimmel wonder'full mascara - this is probably one of the worst mascaras I've ever tried, gives no volume/length and smudged.
  • Clinque travel size moisture surge - This didn't make any noticeable difference than my usual moisturiser so I wouldn't buy a full size of it.
  • Maybelline fit be foundation stick - I will not repurchase as I found it quite greasy on the skin.
  • The body shop vitamin e cube - I like the product itself but I do not like the packaging. I had to scoop out product that was left in the bottom of it.
  • Simple regeneration eye cream - I would repurchase this and it moisturised my eye area well.
  • Nivea express hydration primer - I probably wont repurchase this as I didn't notice any difference when using it however I do like the gel like consistency.
  • Olay natural face lotion - I really enjoyed this face lotion but I think it might have been discontinued.
  • Urban decay primer potion - I've had this too long and the product as split and went runny so I need to throw it out. I will not repurchase this as I like to use the maybelline colour tattoos as a base colour.
  • Revlon colorburst matte balm - I know this is a matte lip product (colour elusive) but it left my lips really dry and the colour didn't last well so I'm going to have to throw it out.
  • Jemma Kidd concealer - I found this when clearing out my beauty drawers and it needs to be thrown out as it's probably 3 years old & Jemma Kidd products have been discontinued.
  • The body shop satsuma shower gel - this was a freebie in a recent body shop order and I loved it, leaves you feeling refreshed.
  • Avon solutions mattifying day cream - I did like using this cream however I don't think I would repurchase it as I have other creams I prefer.
  • The body shop blueberry body scrub gelee - this was a limited edition product and I wish they would bring it back as it looks like jam but leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. 



Stretch mark creams & oils

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Ever since I fell pregnant I've been religiously using creams and oils with the aim to prevent stretch marks. These are the products I've been using;

These products have definitely left my skin feeling super smooth however at 28 weeks I started to develop stretch marks at the bottom of my bump. I'm now 30 weeks and they have grown a bit but not horrendously bad (yet). I've read articles which state 8 in 10 women develop stretch marks and if your mum had them then you are more than likely to develop them as it depends on your skin type.

I'm hoping once baby is born that these creams/oils will help reduce these stretch marks.

Has any of these products helped you with stretch marks?



Facial hair removal

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This very simple looking tool is a facial hair removal epilator which can be bought on Ebay for a couple of pounds (link here).

As I have dark hair I've started to get 'lovely' dark moustache hairs growing. I usually use the facial wax strips but thought I would give this gadget a go.  Surprisingly it does really work and the hairs do stay away for a good few weeks.

All you have to do is bend it into an upside down U, place against the skin, hold the two ends and roll it up and down. Doing this motion grabs all those tiny little hairs between the metal coils (you will be able to see the removed hairs).  I do find it a tiny bit sore but the pain is over in a split second as your top lip area isn't very big.

Overall I'm really pleased with this, it saves money and is more economical than the wax strips.


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