December wish list

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Zara Tote bagI've been on the look out for a bag that can go on my shoulder, Zara always does the sleek classic look so this one stood out to me.

Wicker Christmas Tree skirt & Slogan Christmas Tree Skirt.  This is something I've always wanted, I'm not sure which type of tree skirt I prefer.


Elf Christmas Nutcracker. Every year I like to add to my Christmas decorations, while I still have a young child fun decorations stand out to me.

Santa Soap dispenser. How cute is this little soap dispenser, just to add a little Christmas fun to each room.

Kids Christmas plateOf course my little guy needs a Christmas themed plate to eat his dinner & snacks from!


Stag Christmas duvet coverThe one type of duvet that is missing from my collection (yes I have too many sets) is a Winter themed one.

Kids Christmas throwI can just imagine this lovely little throw layed over my son over the Christmas period, very adorable.


Zara wishlist

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Printed top I always tend to gravitate towards animal print, I think it's something that will be around for a long time so this is a great basic item.

Soft grey coat.  I've been looking for a new coat as I recently put my over worn ones in a clothing bank, Zara do coats at great prices. 

High waist embrace jeans.  Jeans are something I wear pretty much every day, I like to wear them casual or paired with a nice top when going 'out out'.

Embroidered faux leather top. As said above^ I love going 'out out' wearing jeans and pairing them with a nice top, how amazing would this Zara faux leather top be!

Retro style t-shirt. I usually don't wear slogan tops but this top speaks to my style, never have an outfit.haha

Shirt with ruffle.  I'm always buying black blouses as you can never go wrong with a black top, I really like how the ruffle detailing is on the arms around the cut out sections.

Striped sequin top Christmas season is coming and of course everyone needs a sequin item in their wardrobe, not sure that I would buy the matching trousers though.


Toddler Christmas gifts

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Imaginext castle.  My son loves opening/closing doors, hiding behind things and doing peek a boo so when we saw this it was perfect, it should keep him entertained.

Star wars Mr potato head. I found this potato head in Home Bargains for under £6, it was the last one on the shelf and I couldn't resist it.  He's played with one before and he loved it so can't wait to see his reaction.

Puzzle. My son currently has a couple of puzzles which he knows how to complete so I thought another little puzzle would be good to help with his fine motor development.

Play foodWell some people would class this as a product aimed towards girls and for some reason it's in pink packaging to try and reaffirm this theory, however my son loves pretend play and I think he will get hours of fun from this play food set.

Shopping basketOf course I had to get this, how cute will a toddler with a miniature shopping basket be!?!

Magnetic Doodle Board.  All children seem to love these type of drawing boards, this one was only £2.99 from Home Bargains, such a great deal.

Play-Doh. My son has recently started to sit for longer periods of time and he enjoys playing with play-doh, so this will be a great little stocking filler.

Smyths classic brush setMy son loves helping me tidy up so this will be perfect for him to 'help' me around the house.

Magformers.  At the minute my son tries to get every magnet off the fridge, especially my magnets that open my magnetic child safety units on my kitchen doors.  Hopefully he'll be more interested in these.

Figures. These were only £3.99 in Home Bargains and I thought they would be a great stocking filler.

Bing House.  Confession here, this Bing house was supposed to be for Christmas, but one rainy day I surprised him with it.  

I've just ordered a few flip and flap books to add to his Christmas gifts and I think this will be enough as he will also be getting presents from relatives.

Dunnes Stores haul

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Dunnes Stores have recently updated some of their stores, they now feel like you're walking into a House of Fraser/Debenhams type shop.


Look how nicely they wrapped my items, I had a very pleasant shopping experience as the staff were very friendly at the till.

Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Glass Fox decoration.  Foxes now have a place in my heart as when we brought our son home from the hospital he was wearing a little baby grow with a fox on it.  Now we have fox related items throughout the house and clothing for him.  How could I resist this beautiful vintage style fox which was only £4.  I think I'm going to have to go back and get more.  

Peony Rose fragranced diffuser.  I purchased two of these, one for a Christmas gift and the other one for my bathroom.  I just love how simple this looks, with a very delicate scent. 

3 wick winter spice candle. How could I resist this stunning candle, not only is it lovely to look at but it has a subtle spice smell which is lovely for this time of year.

Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic Rosie mug.  I have a slight obession with mugs... I am allowed to buy a few more though as recenlty a couple of my favourite mugs have chipped.  This design also blends in with other cups & mugs I own from the bloomingville brand. Oh how I wish I could buy their whole store of products! 

White heart design mug. I really enjoy how simple this design is, white with the little red heart.

November wish list

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Rosa Copper Task Floor Lamp I currently have a floor lamp in my living room that was given to me, I'm the type of person that until something is broken I will not replace it.  However I'm hoping that my 2nd hand floor lamp somehow breaks haha. I have a few copper/rose gold pieces in my living room so a lamp like this would fit in perfectly. 

Casetify watch strapFor my birthday back in June I treated myself to a Samsung smartwatch which I adore, it came with a cream leather strap however as I wear it every day it's already getting that worn look. I seen this watch strap from Casetify and hoping I can find one in stock online.

ASOS sterling silver fine wrap ring. I seem to go through phases of wearing jewellery, apart from my engagement/wedding ring I mainly wear costume pieces.  I would like to start wearing fine silver or gold rings which can be worn whilst washing this dishes etc and there's no fear of the green tint being left.

Dogeared Rose Gold Plated Karma Sparkle RingAs you can tell I like delicate jewellery, I also don't mind mixing metals so I would wear these two rings together. 

Illuminating travel mirror I received the recent Lakeland magazine in the post and found this great little product in it.  I've always wanted a travel mirror and one that lights up is even better.

Joseph Joseph nest containersAny kitchen obsessed people out there?... yip that's me! I love kitchen gadgets and especially good storage boxes to put open items in, they are especially good for organising your fridge.  The idea of these Joseph Joseph ones just make me happy, they are nest containers which means less clutter in my cupboards (Wohoo emoji).


5 ways to help clear your mind

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Declutter/Organise. Do we really need a wardrobe that is packed full... one where you can't even move the hangers on the rail to look at the clothing, drawers that are overflowing and you have forgotten what is at the bottom of them? If so it's time to declutter which in turn will be very satisfying... knowing what's in your wardrobe will mean taking less time to get ready.  I need to declutter more beauty items and try and get a go to collection of products that work for me.   Ideally everything you own should have a place for it to be stored as then you don't spend time looking for things.  My task soon is to get a hook for behind the door where all keys go, my son now likes to play with the keys and they end up being hiden inside various toys.  I've also watched a few documentaries on minimalism which are intriguing, totally changes how I feel about material items.

Me time.  Take a breather and listen to your body.  This is sometimes hard to do, especially if you are a person like me who can't fully relax.  Have a night a week where you pamper yourself, watch all those videos on your YouTube watch later playlist or whatever helps you relax (mine is mostly eating a full bag of popcorn).   

Exercise.  Walks, going to the gym, playing with your children in the garden, doing squats whilst the kettle boils or any of your favourite forms of exercise.  I recently joined the gym and I can't believe the difference it makes, it gives me a little boost of energy and overall makes feel good about myself.

Mindfulness.  This is a new thing to me, I never heard of it before until we had a seminar in work on health.  It's all about paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings which can help improve your mental well being.  I've practised some of the meditation techniques and they really help me focus.  Having a person who you can open up to about any topic is also important, if not there are lots of amazing charities out there who have relevant expertise to get you through important/difficult times in your life. 

Think about others.  As Ellen DeGeneres says 'Be kind to one another'.  If I ever have low days I always end up realising that there are people going through worse things in their lives than me, I'm a see the glass half full type of person.  Today I was in a rush going around getting the weekly shop trying to get back in time so my son could go down for his nap, when an elderly gentleman was standing looking for help.  Of course I stopped and spent time with this man...who wanted to make sure there were no nuts in the buns he was about to buy as he had about three teeth left & nuts are out of bounds... what if I was that mans only conversation for the day/week/month? 


A Superdrug haul

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When it comes to buying beauty products I've now started to love browsing online rather than in store, probably as whilst I'm ever in a shop my toddler is constantly needing an eye kept on as he's in the phase of lifting things of the shelves.  Therefore when he's snuggled up in bed at night it gives me the perfect time to have an online shopping spree.  I recently changed my beauty items to cruelty free so for me the best universal shop to go to online is Superdrug, all Superdrug own brand products carry the leaping bunny symbol.  I ordered this to collect in store, it gave me the option to have next day collection however it ended up being  a day late even though I received an email to tell me it was ready for collection.

Nip+Fab Glycolic fix night pads. This is a new product for me, I've used the usual glycolic pads so will be interested to see how these compare.

Nip+Fab Dragons blood cleansing padsThese are a repurchase for me, I really do notice a difference in my complexion when I use these regularly.

Barry M Dewy finish setting spray. Another repurchase as it's only £4.99 and I think it does help to make my makeup last that little bit longer. For some reason Barry M  is a brand I never thought to look at before however when I switched to cruelty free this is now one of my most used 'drugstore/highstreet' brands.

Gosh foundation plus cover + conceal in 002. Gosh is another brand that I fell into when switching to cruelty free, this is a new product to me so excited to see if it really does give full coverage.

Gosh x-ceptional wear foundation in 11 porcelain. This is a repurchase as it's a great wearing foundation and if you are pale like me you should try this as not many 'drugstore/highstreet' brands have a shade light enough for me.

Gosh mineral powder in 002.  I have just tested this as I'm sitting here in my pj's, candle lit and YouTube playing in the background (I have over 50 watch later videos to catch up on)...and it has surprisingly good coverage, I used a tiny tap of this which gave great cover.

Superdrug refreshing eye patches.  I love eye patches so I'm hoping these help with my dark circles, having an underactive thyroid along with a toddler is definitely fatiguing. 

Tanya Burr Selfie Sculpt eyebrow pencil in medium. Currently watching a Tanya Burr Vlog where she seen Will Smith at a private venue while she was in Paris, how amazing would that have been!  This is my first ever Tanya Burr cosmetics purchase and I am loving the packaging and so far the product seems to be pretty good as I'm testing it half in the dark, it's giving a very natural looking brow.

Carmex lip balm duo set. Bonus products as this was free as I purchased three skincare items.

Childs Farm hair & body wash in organic sweet orange. My son has eczema on his ankles, inner elbows and a few other places. I can't use any Johnston's skincare as it makes his skin break out really badly as I found out when he was a baby.  Who would of thought a baby skincare brand would do that to your child.  Anyhow Child's Farm is a brand that I truly love, this smells so fresh and doesn't dry out the skin.  I own nearly all the products in their range so when there was a sale I had to get a couple more to add to the stock pile.

Fitness journey

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《Image from Google 》

Back in August I had an actual lightbulb moment where I realised I hadn't been looking after myself, almost a year and a half later and I still hadn't lost post baby weight.  Yes I could fit into pre baby jeans but not comfortably at all!

Since having my son I've also been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid so that doesn't help with weight loss along with a few more health issues.  Not that there's a time frame to lose baby weight etc but I just needed to make time for me and my health.  

I got my act together and joined the gym to try get my health back into line♡  I currently try and go every other day.

Sports direct and H&M are my current places to go for gym wear, the  ClimaLite technology gym wear items definitely make a difference when you are sweating.  

I have a smart watch which also keeps me motivated, I have the Samsung Classic 2 which is not only a beautiful looking watch but it keeps tracks of all my gym workouts, heart rate and steps.


July empties

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Everything marked with an X I will not be purchasing again as it's not cruelty free. 

The body Shop nutriganics foam face wash
Aussie take the heat shampoo - X
Aussie moisturising shampoo - X
Lush snow fairy shower gel
The body shop vanilla body mist
La Roche effaclar duo - X
Boots botanics night cream - X
Boots nail remover pads - X
Superdrug day cream
Lancome sample - X
Vichy sample - X
Clinque sample  - X
Benefit eye cream sample - X
The body shop aloe deodarant
Dove summer glow gradual tan - X
Superdrug vitamin e body spray lotion
Liz Earle lavendar cleanse & polish 
Sanex deodarant - X
Nip + Fab face mask
The body shop antibacterial hand gel
Superdrug honey hand wash
Rimmel foundation - X
Bourjois CC cream - X
Rimmel nail polish - X 


My July wishlist is... Zaful

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July wishlist including the perfect white pineapple dress...

Zaful is a site that has taken over instagram fashion recently. I've watched a few YouTube videos about this brand and some of it has turned out to be a success. So I went online and found a few things that caught my eye.

 Summer has been all about the pineapple prints, I especially like how it's a shirt style dress.

Belted Pineapple Embroidered Shirt Dress 

Maxi Holiday Sundress With Stripes  - I love the design of this dress and think it would be flattering as the stripes are vertical.

Plant Embroidered T-Shirt - Pea Green

Hollow Out Star Hairpin - Golden

Cotton Loose Floral Embroidery T-Shirt 

Slimming Striped Strappy One Piece Swimsuit - White And Black - as a mum this looks like a great swimsuit option as it would flatter that mum tum!

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