Perfume loves...


I love knowing what everyone's favourite scents are, some girls like sweet perfumes, fresh perfumes and others like musky scents, I however like them

When I think of celebrity perfumes I think that they are not going to be the best smelling scents but in fact they are some of my favourite ones to and I always get compliments when wearing them, they are also very well priced! My sweet perfumes of choice would be:
~Escada Pacific Paradise miniature (I can only see these selling on ebay)

Some days I like to wear a fresh scent so when I'm in the mood for this I always go for my Marc Jacobs Daisy... this is just a beautiful floral scent and lasts all day on me.

When I'm going for a night out I always like to wear a more musky scent, my all time favourite one is Thierry Mugler Alien, it's just so beautiful!!!  I have recently been using The Body Shop White Musk and I have to say I really like but as it's only the body mist it doesn't last all day, I would like to buy the perfume version in this.

The next item on my wish list is one of the Jimmy Choo perfumes.

What's your favourite scents?


Home decor...

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Hi all, my husband and I bought our first house just over a year ago so we're still in the process of decorating.  I just wanted to show you a few of my favourite items from around our house.

This is a lovely plate I received for a Christmas gift, I then placed these letters I received as an engagement present that spell love on top of it.

This is a lovely gift I received from my sister in law, I think it's from Urban Outfitters and I love it so much:)

I absolutely love mixing old pieces with new modern pieces of furniture so when I was given the chance to have this Ercol sofa for free (yes FREE...crazy) of course I had to take it.  It is the original Ercol and has the vintage covering on the seats however they need reupholstered so for now I cover it with to blankets and cute cushions.


I love crafting so these are two plain candles I decorated with tissue paper, gold ribbon and a piece of yarn.  I'm really pleased with the way they turned out and people as where I got them from.  

This is a lovely crystal vase we received as an engagement present.  I've filled it with clear crystals and added fake flowers to brighten up my hallway.

I repainted some old furniture and added these lovely new handles that I got in TKMaxx, I love the look they give to the furniture.

Finally a girls house (husband doesn't care about decor, is never complete without candles and flower decorations. Above are some candles I bought in TKmaxx (my favourite shop for decor).

I would love to see all your favourite decor items ideas:)


Nail polish collection...


I store all my nail varnishes in one of my glossyboxes... I'm going to show you all some of my favourite ones...

These are 3 lovely nail polishes I got free in magazines and I love them all, nails inc (no name), Leighton Deny in Viva La Diva & there's no name on the purple Leighton Deny one either:(

These are my most used BarryM nail polishes, from left to right I have - textured glitter in Princess, Plum, Pomegranate, Red Wine & Lychee.

From left to right I have China Glaze High Roller, Essie Bordeaux, Salley Hansen Gilty Pleasure, Revlon topcoat with gold glitter (no name) & an Urban Decay mini polish in woodstock which I love to paint my toenails with for summer.

Collection Lasting Gel Colour - These are the 2 newest polishes I have and have worn the pink one a lot, they are in Raspberry & Watermelon.

Rimmel in Black Cherries - This is probably my all time favourite nail varnish as I'm obsessed with the deep purple colour and it also lasts pretty well.

This is Rimmel Salon Pro in Soul Session & Oh Mr Darcy, I am wearing these at the minute and love them.

Finally from left to right I have Essie's all in one base which is just amazing, next is Seche Vite fast dry top coat, I honestly don't think this helps my varnish last long.  As I have very weak nails I use Sally Hensen Maxium Growth varnish which I try and use a couple of times a week, this really helps nourish my nails. 

Today's skincare items...


After washing my face with the No7 hot cloth cleanser I then use the following items:

Loreal Skin Perfection Eye Cream - I absolutely love this eye cream as it seems to make my eye area brighter which is great for under makeup.  I would use this at the weekends around the house when I'm not wearing makeup as it has a slight tint which makes me feel slightly done up. At the minute this is £8.99 in boots, but usually retails at £12.99.

Simple Age Resisting Day Cream SPF15 - I've talked about this before in my blog and have expressed how much I love this simple range, it leaves my skin feel smooth and helps with fine lines.  It's currently £6.99 in boots and the Simple range has the 3 for 2 offer at the minute.  I would recommend taking advantage of this offer by getting this day cream and the age resist night cream, they also have simple age resist face wipes which I really want to try out.

Benefit Porefessional - I use this on my T-Zone as it's my oily area, I really enjoy using it as it hides the large pores I have around my nose.  This currently retails at £24.50 in boots.

What skincare items did you use today?:)


Primer collection...


Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher 50ml - This retails at £56 which is pricey, however I think I've had it just over a year and I'm only half way through it now. It is a lovely product but I'm not sure I would repurchase, mainly because of the price and the fact that you can find cheaper similar alternatives. 

Nivea daily essentials express hydration primer for dry and sensitive skin 50ml - This makes my skin feel really smooth and sinks into the skin quickly however I'm not too sure if it actually keeps my makeup on longer than a normal moisturiser but it is only £3.33 which is an amazing price so definitely worth the money.  Has anyone else tried it?

MAC Prep & Prime 15ml - This retails at £16 from Debenhams, when I initially went into MAC and asked for this I was shocked by the size of it as it's only 15ml!!!! However I've had it for a year and I still have lots in it, you only use the tiniest drop to cover the areas needed.

Smashbox photofinish 30ml - I've had this primer well over a year (the packaging has since changed which looks better), it retails for £28.00 in Boots. I actually haven't used it in a while but I must use it soon as I do really like it.  It says it has anti-ageing properties and has an SPF 20 which is amazing.

Benefit Porefessional 22ml - This is my newest primer and retails at £24.50 from Boots, It's an oil-free formula and this stuff really minimizes my pores.  So far I'm really enjoying it.

Overall I still don't have an absolute favourite primer yet. What primers would you recommend?:)

Liebster Award...


Hi everyone, so today a lovely girl called Taylor nominated me for a Liebster award, firstly I had to google to find out exactly what this was, I am so flattered to be nominated for this:) So I have to answer 11 questions that Taylor has set for me then I nominate 11 fellow bloggers and create 11 new questions for them:)

These are the questions Taylor has asked me:

1. What is your favourite season and why? - Winter is my favourite season as I love boots, fluffy jumpers, duffle coats and snoods.

2. If you could only have one beauty product, what would it be? - It would probably be foundation as having a nice complexion gives an overall lovely look.

3. What is your earliest memory? - My first day of Primary 1 and my mum left me off and forgot to give me my lunch box and I

4. If you could be anywhere in the world right now other than where you are, where would it be and why? - I would love to go to Florida to the Kennedy Space Center as I am intrigued with space.

5. What is your favourite pass time? - Blogging and watching youtube, particularly Benji & Judy on 'Itsjudyslife', I love their vlogs so much!

6. If you have any, who are your favourite YouTubers? - As I said in the previous question I love Benji & Judy, but there are so many people I follow: Elizabeth Fisher, Vivianna, Alix from I covet thee, Essiebutton, Rhiannon, LexiSacconejoly's and lots more.

7. What is your most precious possession? - Probably my engagement&wedding rings then costume jewellery that was my great granny's.

8. What is your current favourite perfume? - Alien by thierry mugler is my all time fav scent.

9. If you have one, what is your favourite film? - Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit

10. Who is your idol? - Style idol would be Fearne Cotton, I just love her style and I was obsessed with the hills tv series and love Whitney Port.

11. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be? - When I was 10 I fell off my bike and I ended up splitting open my face from my left nostril across my top lip, after about 5 procedures it looks better (scare at my nose still).  I'm so grateful that I wasn't seriously injured it's just cosmetic but it annoys me sometimes as I have to cover it in concealer.  

These are the bloggers I nominate: 

1.What are your 5 favourite drugstore products?
2.Are you saving to buy anything you've been wanting for ages, if so what is it?
3.What are the most important things in your life?
4.What's your favourite book?
5.What is your favourite food?
6.What is the last thing you bought?
7.Do you prefer to spend more money on, makeup, skincare or fashion?
8.What's your favourite animal?
9.Have you any nicknames?
10.Have you any holidays planned, if so where are you going?
11.Can you speak more than one language? 


Avon Mini Haul...


I have recently been hearing good reviews about Avon products and of course I caved in and 'had' to place an order. (the flawless foundation packaging is ripped at the top as I couldn't wait to open everything and ripped it in the

I've been looking out for new illuminating products and spotted these Avon Face Pearls, I haven't tried these yet but when I swatched them they gave a nice pink illuminating colour. One thing I don't like about this product is the packaging, feels pretty cheap but hey it was on sale for £5... not sure if I would spend more than that but my opinion might change when I use it.

Recently my skin has been getting more oily than usual so I thought I would pick up this Avon Solutions balanced matte spf15 day cream.  It claims to help regulate oily zones but maintains moisture in drier patches and also claims to help with pores, this is exactly what my skin needs so fingers crossed it works.

Avon Extra Lasting liquid foundation - I'm always wanting to try new foundations so I when I heard long lasting in the name I just had to order it.  I got mine in the shade shell and I really like the packaging.  It claims to keep you looking flawless for up to 18 hours and stands up to heat/humidity but also is lightweight.

Finally I've heard good reviews about the Avon Ideal Flawless invisible coverage foundation so of course I had to get  Firstly I love the packaging, nice and simple and has a pump dispenser. It claims to be a full-coverage foundation but has a natural look/flawless feel, this is also in the colour shell.

Has anyone else tried these products, or what are your favourite Avon products?:)


New Look Sale Haul...


I almost never buy anything full price unless it is show-stoppingly amazing.  When I tell my friends or work colleagues the price I get my items for they cannot believe it (qualified bargain hunter  I was recently on the New Look website and went straight to the sale section (as usual).  I couldn't resist all these lovely items, New Look have the very handy option of ordering online and collecting from your closest store.  I ordered last Friday and was able to pick it up today, amazing service:)

Black Boyfriend Coat £21.00 reduced from £39.99, it's in a size 12 as I wanted it to look slightly over sized. I am in love with this already and only got it today.  It's going to be brilliant for spring as it's in between a jacket/coat and not to heavy.

Grey Floral T-Shirt £5.00 reduced from £12.99, again I got this is a size 12 as I wanted it to look slightly over sized.  I am obsessed with grey tops and thought this one with the pretty pink flowers on it will be lovely for spring.

Navy Tartan Check Lace Cami (must be sold out as I can't find a link, sorry) £5.00 reduced from £14.99 - I've been very late on the bandwagon for tartan, so when I seen this lovely top I just had to buy it and it's so pretty.

Black Scoop Neck Speckle T-Shirt £4.00 reduced from £6.99, I am still in love with this speckled look in t-shirt, very comfy t-shirt.

Burgundy Side zip chunky boots £12.99 reduced from £27.99 - I have so many pairs of black boots so thought I needed (aka these burgundy ones in my life.  I bought these in wide fit as my feet are quite broad, I've only worn them around the house, so far they seem really comfortable as they have a slight platform as well.


The Body Shop Haul... again

I am 100% a body shop lover.  Not only are their products truly amazing, they don't test on animals, believe in fair trade products, defend human rights, help protect the planet and much more, so who wouldn't want to support all those things!

These are the two shampoos I mainly use. Their banana shampoo (packaging has changed) and their rainforest volumising shampoo.

This beautiful box was a present from my husband, it included the coconut shower gel, mini coconut body butter, mini coconut body scrub, coconut soap and a body puff.  Anyone that knows me knows that I love coconut smells and this stuff is so creamy and just lovely to use. Pictured above is an earth lover unperfumed shower gel that I only seem to be able to purchase online at certain times.  As I have sensitive skin I like to use this some days.  I also bought the almond shower gel and can't wait to start using it.

These are two beautiful scents that I just can't stop using, white musk and vanilla flower. For the price you get a lot of product and the smell does last on me.

Finally I just love this peppermint foot spray, I use it every night and it feels so refreshing on tired feet:)


Hair styling products...


These are my go to day to day hair styling products.  As I have super unmanageable dry hair I need to use them all every day (even my hairdresser finds it hard to blow dry my 

TIGI Catwalk Sleek Mystic Collection Haute Iron Spray 200ml is my new favourite heat protecting spray. It sprays like a hairspray and is lightweight.  Usually heat protectors end up making my hair feel damp. This heat protector leaves my hair feeling glossy, however you have to go easy with it as it can make hair look greasy if you use too much which wouldn't be a good look.

Elnett Hairspray Flexible 200ml is my all time favourite hairspray, it gives me the hold but without the crispy hair feel.  Oh and the packaging is uber classy!

L'Oréal Paris Studio Line #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray 200ml.  I love this product as I have shoulder length hair this gives it a nice tousled look at the ends and adds some volume.

Redken Smooth down heat glide 150ml (name slightly changed since I bought it).  I honestly must have this product over a year and a half and have only used half the bottle. This stuff is great for my unruly hair and has the bonus of being a heat protector as well.

Denman large paddle brush -  Besides my tangle teezer this is my most used hairbrush.

Finally hair clips are a necessity for every girl out there.  I use these to separate my hair when styling, I use them to put up my hair when showering if I don't need to wash my hair and when I want to condition my hair I use these to keep my hair up for a few minutes.

What's your most used hair care products?

Daily makeup bag...



This is the current makeup bag I'm using.  It's from Primark and can hold a lot of products (as you can tell in the pic

I watched Becca Rose's video and loved it so decided to do my own blog about what I carry around with me on a daily basis in my makeup bag.

~Natural collection blusher in peach melba
~MAC hello kitty blusher in hello baby (I forgot to include this in my blusher collection blog)
~Eco tools brushes x 3 (I got these is a gift set at christmas, love them!)
~Real Techniques brushes x 2 expert face brush & stippling brush
~Bourjois healthy mix foundation in No52
~Revlon photo ready concealer in 002
~Collection concealer in fair 1
~No7 lip pencil in 20 nude
~Rimmel lip crayon (nude shade, writing has worn off, love it!)
~Revlon colorburst matt balm in in 205 elusive (I find this drying so I put the rimmel lip balm over it)
~Tweezers from TKmaxx
~Blistex relief lip cream
~Laura Mercier camouflage concealer in SC1
~Accessorize baked bronze golden sand illuminating powder
~Soap & Glory eye pencil in cocoa bean

Does anyone else carry this much stuff around in their makeup bag?... No wonder my handbags are always!:)


Night time skincare routine...


First of all I use the No7 hot cloth cleanser, I put this over my face and leave it on for a few minutes.  I then use the Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System to remove the No7 cleanser.  This leaves my skin feeling really soft.  I use the St Ives Scrub twice a week instead of the No7 cleanser as I have quite dry skin and this is just enough to keep the dry skin at bay.

After cleansing my skin I use the Simple Age Resisting Eye cream which I really love, as there is no perfume in it.  I then use the Olay regenerist night serum, one tiny pump of this is all you need.  I let it sink into my skin first then I apply the Simple age resisting night cream.

I've been using these products for at least 3 months now and I really like how they work with my skin.

What's your night time skincare routine?:)

Makeup/cosmetic shopping online...

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I really enjoy ordering makeup online, not only is this mostly cheaper than in stores, I also find this a lot more fun! When the packages arrive it's so exciting revealing the products one by one!

Lovemakeup  is a really good site which offers branded products at a very good price! They always package the product well.  They sell crown makeup brushes which are popular with beauty gurus. 

Another site is - Fragrance Direct.  Fragrance direct are currently selling some Becca, Eco Tools and Real Techniques products which are all amazing!

I also use allbeauty regularly.  This site sells loreal, burts bees, max factor, essie, china glaze, clinique, clarins and much more.

Feelunique is probably the most well known on-line beauty store, and for good reason as it's amazing!  Always super quick delivery any time I've ordered.

Lookfantastic is another amazing online store that gives you so many brands to choose from and at great prices.

If your looking for a specific product I would suggest looking in Google for the product under the shopping tab.  This always lets you know where to get the product at the best price as it compares various online shops.

I'm trying to cut back on my spending at the minute (avon shop so when I buy anything from these sites again I'll make sure to blog about it:)

Blusher & Bronzer collection...


This is the box I keep all my blushers/bronzers in (from TKmaxx).




Bourjois illuminating touch in rose universal

Maybelline dream touch blush, I've used it that much that the number has rubbed off, it has a code 16H400 on the bottom of it.  This is a lovely peach colour and I use it all the time.

Accessorize blusher that I've used that much that the lid is broke and the colour has worn off.  My local superdrug doesn't seem to stock Accessorize anymore:(

The Body shop special edition 02 cheek & face powder in berry

Topshop blush in flush (I showed the packaging as I just love it)

Estee Lauder satin creme blush in 04 berry light (again I wanted to show the packaging, it's in the top right corner of the pic of all my blushers together)

The Body Shop bronzing powder in 01

Physicians Formula multi-reflective bronzer


I forgot to take a close up of the Benefit blusher in throb but it's in the bottom right of the pic of all of the blushers together. 

I have other blushers/bronzers but they were included in my palette collection blog. Sorry I wasn't able to find links to all of my items.

Has anyone else got any of these blushers/bronzers?:)

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