Going cruelty free

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Unfortunately animal testing is still taking place, until now I never truly realised the mass of brands that still take part in animal testing.  Millions of defenceless animals are being tested on so we can wear cosmetics.  I'm actually really surprised that a lot more beauty bloggers don't use their platform to highlight this issue.  However I'm glad to see that there are great bloggers and youtubers out there that do cover this problem, Laura from 'Laura's views', Gemma from 'Hello Gemma', Kiera Rose & Niomi Smart all promote a cruelty free lifestyle which is so positive to see.

I've been going through all my beauty and I'm shocked by how much of it is huge brands that are not cruelty free. Going cruelty free is a process which has saddened me,  all these years I've just bought things without thinking about how it's been made.  From now on I will be researching products before I purchase them.

For more information regarding cruelty free visit the Cruelty Free International website. 

Cruelty Free International

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