I'm back with a Sheinside haul...

Hi all, I'm back after taking a break from my laptop at Easter.  A couple of weeks ago I watched a few youtubers who had recently been sent items from Sheinside, of course I quickly went on and had a look to see what I could buy.  I usually go straight to the sale section on any website as I am a complete bargain hunter. I always wear blouses with jeans or tucked into skirts and I found a lot to choose from on this site!  

From left to right I bought:

White Batwing Short Sleeve Birds Print T-Shirt which was £5.89.

White Long Sleeve Polka Dot Epaulet Blouse which was £13.38. 

Beige V Neck Long Sleeve Birds Print Blouse which was £11.89.

Black Long Sleeve Leaves Print Dipped Hem Blouse which was £10.11.

I placed the order on the 7th of April and received it on the 22nd of April... 15 days later. When I opened the packaging I straight away noticed the poor quality of the items,threads hanging out and bad stitching.  These four items came to a total of £36.25 which included a 20% off code.  As you can see they have lovely prints on them and I do love the shape of these blouses however I think I could have got similar items on ASOS for the same price and better quality. 

Have you bought anything from Sheinside... if so what did you think of your items?

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  1. I've never purchased anything from Sheinside. I've seen lots of bloggers and youtubers wearing their items, but the shipping length and quality puts me off ordering. Love the long sleeve bird shirt and the leaf print shirt, such a shame about the poor stitching!
    Kate | www.beautyconstellation.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hi Katie, they are lovely prints:) I know I was so excited to order from them as I watch so many youtubers who are always taking about them. Maybe I just got a bad batch... they do have really nice sale items at the minute so I am very tempted to order again to see the quality of their other items and it was free shipping for me.~Laura~

  2. You've chosen lovely clothes from the site. I am looking for Sheinside hauls here on blogspot because I am waiting for my order to arrive and I'm very anxious!


    1. Hi, I haven't ordered from them since but there's so many youtubers/bloggers who still seem to talk about Sheinside all the time so the items must be good. I would love to see a blog post of the items you get:) ~Laura~


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