Duty free shopping spree...


Benefit cheeky sweet spot box o' blushes set

I was invited to a duty free night by a friend, not only did this mean I was able to buy all these beauty items at the duty free price but there was an extra 25% off! I had to really control my spending which was very hard... but all the above products for around £85, such an amazing saving.  Next year I will definely be taking a list.

I am so happy with all these products, I've only used the Estee lauder foundation and the Clarins eyeshadows.  When I wore these products for the first time I got compliments from work colleagues.  

Have you tried any of the above products?:)

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  1. I love duty free, and I love benefit. I'm so jealous!:(


    1. Hi Megan, aren't Benefit products so lovely! I was also able to get some friends things and saved them a lot of money as well. I'm a natural bargain hunter.lol:)x


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