Gluten free energy bites/balls...

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~Pitted Dates
~Organic Agave nectar (forgot to include in picture) normal honey would probably do the same.

I never measured any of the ingredients... I just 'guestimated' by the consistency.  

~Blend a handful of almonds, a cup of dates & a few table spoons of agave nectar.  

I used my smoothie blender to blend it so I was left with a chunky consistency but if you would like a smooth texture I would suggest using a food processor to blend.   Truthfully I couldn't be bothered getting my food processor out then cleaning it after so my smoothie blender was the easiest option.  

Another option if you don't have a blender would be putting the almonds into a sealable food bag then hit with a rolling pin (quite fun) which will break them into small pieces. You could then chop the dates into small pieces then combine the almonds, dates and nectar into a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon.

~Once combined I used my hands and rolled the mixture into small balls. 

~I then rolled them in either the coconut or cacao powder and placed them into the miniature bun cases.

Result - yummy bite sized treats:)

I could have also mixed the cacao powder & coconut throughout the mixture but I felt covering them in these ingredients gave a more appealing look.

Have you made anything similar to these?  If so I would love to know what you made:)

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