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Homemade popcorn is so simple, I was addicted to the sweet & salty flavoured popcorn so I made myself stop buying it and start making my own at home.

Ingredients - Coconut Oil - cinnamon - popcorn kernals

~Melt a few tablespons of coconut oil in a large saucepan, covering with a lid

~Once melted shake in some cinnamon and mix

~Add the popcorn kernels and stir to coat the kernels in the mixture

~Keep on a lower heat and cover

~You will then start to hear that wonderful sound of the kernels popping 

~Once you hear the last of the kernels pop, remove from the heat

*Warning you need to keep an eye on it as it can burn easily, but nothing a dishwasher or overnight steep can't fix.  Also be careful as the coconut oil does splash when hot*

Recipes usually say to cook the popcorn then add the desired flavours but I find this way creates the best flavour and coats the popcorn better.

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