Boots splurge #2...


Why do boots always have good offers, so good and bad at the same time.
~Boots oval cotton pads - buy one get one half price
~Haircare is currently on 3 for 2 so I took this chance to pick up the Lee Stafford dark dry shampoo, Lee Stafford leave in hair treatment and the John Frieda leave in conditioner.
I love thick lashes so I was drawn in by this wand as I feel this type of wand gives my lashes a fuller look, can't wait to start using this.
~Max Factor eyeshadow pencil in carmel rage - I used this to take the swatch on my arm (below), then I used it once below my lower lash line to create a smokey eye, I took an allergic reaction to it within seconds and it stung/burnt my eyes. I quickly removed the makeup and sat for 30 mins with cotton pads soaked in cold water over my eyes to relieve the pain, the rest of the night my eyes were watering, not pleasant at all, this has never happened to me before. I'm so disappointed as I loved the colour. I tweeted Max Factor and they've said to get in touch with them, I would love to send it to them to see what has went wrong. 
~Max Factor colour precision eyeshadow in coffee  I'm sort of scared to use this now in case I get the same reaction as I did with the pencil.
~Maybelline forever strong nail varnish rose podure (repurchase) 
~Maybelline color tattoo in metallic pomegranate and pink gold 
~Finally I'm running out of the collection concealer so I picked one up in the lightest shade.

From left to right is the Max factor eye pencil in caramel rage, Max Factor eyeshadow in coffee, Maybelline pink gold and Maybelline metallic pomegranate. ps I'm wearing one of my favourite jumpers from New Look and my ASOS multi toned boyfriend watch.

What have you picked up in boots lately?


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  1. Sanex packaging is so similar to Head and Shoulders shampoo & conditioner !

  2. Oh yeah it is very similar!:)


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