My gluten free kitchen essentials...

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These are some of my staple items to have in my kitchen.

Toaster with 4 slots - having a toaster like this is handy as I keep the two left slots just for my gluten free products (left for 

Separate chopping boards - it is so important that you use a seperate chopping board for gluten free products so no cross contamination happens.

Gluten free baking powder, gf bicarbonate soda - until I started making my own gluten free goodies I had no idea that 'normal' baking powder/bicarbonate of soda contained gluten. Xanthium gum - I add this to all my buns, cakes etc - this keeps the products from crumbling.

Gluten free soy sauce/ tamari soya sauce - my first ever night of being gluten free I made a stir fry and forgot that soy sauce had wheat in I've recently started using this tamari sauce as it's naturally gluten free and tastes just like soy sauce.

Gluten free vinegar - as malt vinegar is gluten I like using cider vinegar, white wine vineger and I recently found the below gf chip shop vinegar which is great.


Gluten free brown sauce - I've only recently been able to find this gf brown sauce that actually tastes like brown sauce, well what I can remember of the taste.

Gluten free flours - I always have gf self raising and gf plain flour in my cupboard to cook and bake with. Rice flour is also good to have in your cupboard.

Cornflour - this is the best product to use when thickening gravy and sauces.

Stock cubes - some gluten free meals can be bland so I like to use various stock cubes. Knorr have some gluten free stock cubes but always check the ingredients as one time it said gluten free on the packaging but when I looked at the ingredients it included barley. 

Quinoa - this is such a great alternative instead of cooking with rice all the time, I find it quite bland so I always cook it with a vegetable or chicken stock cube. I've seen recipes to make porridge and desserts with this but I haven't ventured to try these yet.

Gluten free oats - some people may choose to eat 'normal' oats but as my coeliac is very sensitive I have always used gluten free oats. I like to make porridge and also bake with them. I enjoy adding them to pancake mixture.

Seperate butter - at home I buy proper butter and keep it in this seperate container. My biggest annoyance with being coeliac is that some people just don't understand the importance of keeping products totally gluten free and not leaving crumbs on my butter or in my jam. In work I constantly have to put huge labels on my butter and jam and still people use it and leave their crumbs!

Gluten free pasta - some nights I want to make a quick easy meal so use various pasta shapes to make pasta bakes or spaghetti bolognese. 

Hand blender - I use the small blender attachment to make hummus & guacamole and love making soups with the hand blender. This also came with a whisk attachment which is great for baking. 

Another tip is to buy toaster bags - these are great to use if you are staying at someone's house to reduce the risk of crumbs getting onto your gluten free bread.

What's your kitchen essentials?


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