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I am slowly trying to swap all my household cleaning products for their eco-friendly counterparts. Eco products are not only safer/better for the environment, but they also help protect you from being exposed to toxic chemicals. I know so many people who are obsessed with bleach products in their home but personally I think it is so harsh not only when you are cleaning and breathing it in but household waste water from sinks, toilets, washing machines and baths drains into sewers. Eventually this waste water flows to the treatment works, and afterwards to rivers, lakes and seas. Just think of all those chemicals getting into our rivers lakes & seas (cry).  I've read that most of the chemicals get removed during treatment, but some do inevitably end up in rivers and the sea where they can harm wildlife.

My mother constantly rings me to see if I need bleach, disinfectant or toilet She even drops into my house sneakily (has a key) and leaves toilet cleaner etc in my cupboards... I really need to take that key off her.

I have so many 'normal' products I need to use up as I don't want to waste them but the thought of using them and knowing what they are doing to our environment is making it hard for me to actually use them.

The only downside to these eco products is the price, they can be more expensive than the usual products but this doesn't phase me as I would rather have a few eco products rather than a cupboard full of harsh ones. I suppose it's like beauty in a way as I'm starting to cut down on buying lots of drugstore products that are hyped and rely on what I truly want in a product.

I hope you liked this post, it is quite different to my usual beauty ones but never the less I enjoy these kind of blog posts just as much.

Have you ever thought about changing the products you use to clean your home?


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