Gluten free goodies

I remember when I was diagnosed (almost 8 years ago) I thought I wasn't going to be able to eat anything but as the years pass I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. It's like my mind is telling me not to even think about foods that I can no longer eat. It's propabably the fact that I get really ill if I accidently eat gluten; I feel like I'm going to pass out, get severe cramps and vomit all within one hour of eating gluten, then for the next week I feel drained. These are some of my favourite gluten free snacks/foods, as you can see having CoeliacDisease doesn't mean you are totally deprived of treats and snacks. 

9 bar in peanut, original & flax

Lidl mixed & pistachio nuts

Tilda microwave brown rice & quinoa (they have other ones that are gf)

Cheese is always a great snack, my favourite crackers to have with cheese are: mrs crimbles cheese crackers, nairns gf oatcakes, ds gf crispbread & mrs crimbles apple rice cakes.

Udis granola in cranberry & walnut (they have other flavours)

Natural yogurt is always great to have in the fridge as it's lovely with fruit & granola

Lidl have an amazing range of dark chocolate


Homemade popcorn is a brilliant snack, here's my favourite recipe (here)

This Amy's kitchen is the only tinned soup I will eat now - I use the cream if mushroom to make pasta bake.

I always have a tin of chickpeas in my cupboard as fresh hummus is delicious!

Finally gf pasta is quick and easy to make for a meal.

What's your favourite gluten free snacks or meals? 



Collated empties #4


  • Sanex hypo-allergenic - I love this brand of shower gels and I will always repurchase them as The Body Shop no longer make their earth lovers range which used to be my favourite.
  • Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Water Spray - this is a great product to have if you suffer from allergies as it calms your skin and is also great for the warmer weather to feel refreshed.
  • Superdrug tea tree nose strips  - these work amazingly well and leave my skin feeling moisturised afterwords whereas previous kinds I've used left my nose area really dry.
  • Garnier micellar cleansing water - another product that I will always repurchase as it's a great price and works well.
  • Pure age defiance wipes - these are the only thing on this empties list that I will not be repurchasing. Wipes in general are not great for your skin but if I was to buy wipes again I would prefer a more natural alternitive.
  • VO5 Bedazzling Oil Heat Protect Spray  - this is the only heat protector I use now as the infused oil helps to tame my frizz.

Me time - Jewellery making


When I feel I need some me time I love shutting myself away in a room, getting all my jewellery making pieces out, put on Netflix or youtube and get my creative thinking cap on.

These are the most recent pieces I've made: four bracelets and one necklace

At the minute I like using different chains and mixing them with beautiful gems, stones and beads.

I love these type of stones that give a different colour depending on the way the light hits it.

I found these blue stones in a closing down sale in a bead shop and quickly snapped them up as they gorgeous, they almost have a marbled effect to them, blue mixed with white and pink.

This lovely black stone also has a marbled effect, black mixed with grey.

This is almost like an art deco style bead which is really different. 

I wear this one almost daily as it goes with everything.

Do you have a craft that you enjoy?



Current favourites...

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Swarovski cube earrings form ASOS (yes a picture of my ear is I just love how one minute they are clear then when refraction happens they turn to the beautiful rainbow colours.

Smoothie cup (Home Bargains) - I am quite clumsy so any drinks cup with with a lid is on my radar. I usually stay clear from fizzy drinks but the slighlty warmer weather is making me crave them with ice. I bought two of these an use the other one to keep on my bedside cabinet as I reach for water as soon as I wake up.

Travel bags (TK Maxx) - these were a great bargain, I think I paid less than £15 for the two of them. I need to start travelling more so I can use them:)

This one can hang up in the bathroom and has detachable sections which is very handy.


Gluten free Ice Cream Cones - I haven't ate this kind of ice cream in probably 6 years since I found out I was Coeliac so when I spotted these in my local supermarket I just had to try them. They taste amazing and are gluten free, wheat free & vegan!

Method hand wash - I buy no other hand wash now as these do a great job and are eco friendly, yay! Here's my post about being an eco warrior:)

Unisex converse - I love how these aren't the usual material version of converse as hopefully it means they will last me a long time!

And of course there can't be a favourites post without mentioning music, these are just a few of my favourites from the past month.

The Staves +The Staves - Teeth White

Soak - Blud -  I seen Soak when she supported George Ezra and fell for her sound immediately.

Skylar Kergil - Tell me a story +skylarkeleven - I recently bought the 'Tell Me A Story' album and have been playing it almost daily, his lyrics are so heartfelt and meaningful.

The Cadbury Sisters +The Cadbury Sisters - Drifting

Alt J - Every Other Freckle 

I would love to know what your favourites have been:)



Collated empties #3

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Makeup brush collection...


Sigma SS150/Real Techniques blush/Eco Tools blush/Real Techniques Stippling/Studio London powder brush (comes in a set here)

Jessup Precision Flat Angled/Precision Round/Precision Flat/Precision Angled/Flat Angled Kabuki/Angled Kabuki (found on ebay)

Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26/E42/E24/E23/E28

Prestige 104 shadow swee/models own blending brush/stila 15 double ended/real techniques pointed foundation brush/marks&spencers eyeshadow fluffy brush/marks&spencers flat eyeshadow brush/elf eyeliner brush/Eco tools angled liner brush.

Do you own any of these, if so what are your favourites?



Lip balm stains...



1 Revlon colorburst balm stain in 040 Rendevous - I can never find this in store to buy a back up as it's my favourite spring summer colour.
2 Revlon colorburst balm stain in 001 Honey  - this one is my every day colour I would wear to work.
5 Revlon colorburst matte balm in 205 elusive - as it is matte my lips have to be really nourished to use it.
8 Rimmel colour rush balm in keep mauving (I think it's this colour as the packaging has wore off)

As you can see the Revlon stains are my favourite brand to use but I always like trying new ones, has anyone used the clinique chubby sticks? This type of lip product is quite soft they tend to loose their shape at the nib so my genious idea (so I thought) was to sharpen them with the chunky side of my beauty pencil sharpener, it suprisingly works really well and makes them look like new. Has anyone else tried this?

What's your favourite balm stains?



Penneys beauty haul...

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Make-up brush cleanser

Essence products

Essence lipstick in nude love

Essence lipiner in wish me a rose

Essence gel eye waterproof pencil in bue lagoon

Essence gel eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick

lipliner in transparent

jelly pearls hydrating gel (never seen anything like this before so had to buy it)

Essence - Express dry spray (I always smudge my nails s hopefully this works)

Wet n wild lipstick in just peachy

Far right is the just peachy lipstick

Wet n wild megalength waterproof mascara 

Do you buy any beauty products in penneys or primark?


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