Gluten free goodies

I remember when I was diagnosed (almost 8 years ago) I thought I wasn't going to be able to eat anything but as the years pass I honestly don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. It's like my mind is telling me not to even think about foods that I can no longer eat. It's propabably the fact that I get really ill if I accidently eat gluten; I feel like I'm going to pass out, get severe cramps and vomit all within one hour of eating gluten, then for the next week I feel drained. These are some of my favourite gluten free snacks/foods, as you can see having CoeliacDisease doesn't mean you are totally deprived of treats and snacks. 

9 bar in peanut, original & flax

Lidl mixed & pistachio nuts

Tilda microwave brown rice & quinoa (they have other ones that are gf)

Cheese is always a great snack, my favourite crackers to have with cheese are: mrs crimbles cheese crackers, nairns gf oatcakes, ds gf crispbread & mrs crimbles apple rice cakes.

Udis granola in cranberry & walnut (they have other flavours)

Natural yogurt is always great to have in the fridge as it's lovely with fruit & granola

Lidl have an amazing range of dark chocolate


Homemade popcorn is a brilliant snack, here's my favourite recipe (here)

This Amy's kitchen is the only tinned soup I will eat now - I use the cream if mushroom to make pasta bake.

I always have a tin of chickpeas in my cupboard as fresh hummus is delicious!

Finally gf pasta is quick and easy to make for a meal.

What's your favourite gluten free snacks or meals? 


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  1. It looks like you're not hindered at all, there's some lovely things on here! I love the kallo brand, they have some amazing stuff.
    -- // x

  2. The gluten free choices are getting better which is amazing! Kallo also have the rice cakes in mint chocolate, I ate them before I took the


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